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walk this way`

walk this way`

If I hold your hand and squeeze it tight,

Keep on fighting morning noon and night,

If I hold you closely and keep you warm,

Await this beautiful crisp new morn,

Yes I will wipe your tears and keep it dry,

Cant answer your question why me why oh why`

But theres a path we shall travel a bit rocky let me say

As long as you are with me just walk this way

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Beautiful Shaun, best wishes x G x


thanks gwyn,just add that have spoken to anna soubry health minister and a few others in the `know` and will keep pressing for any media coverage you can get,just been told I have ibs myself,so here we go,,,,,another battle lol


I am sorry to hear of your recent health problems, I wonder if it is in some way connected to the stress and shock that you have been through, I realise we are not the only victims in this cancer battle.

Well done you for still fighting our corner, we need all the help we can get, it is unfortunate that the people who get involved are people that have been touched themselves in some way by OC like yourself and Lord Saatchi who recently lost his wife to OC ...(Josephine Hart) who herself was very interested in poetry (he started a new poetry app in her memory... it is free) even the founder of Ovacome charity Sarah Dickinson lost her life to OC...I can't tell you how we appreciate your efforts.

Thank you Shaun God Bless love x G x


That is really touching. Take care Shaun x x


Lovely poem Shaun and it's just great that you are fighting on our behalf - your Mum would be so proud, I'm sure.

So sorry about your IBS.

Monique x


Heart warming poem shaun. Thank you for sharing.

love suzanne



Thank you Shaun bless you Amanda


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