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I have a septated ovarian cyst. 7.5cm with a 3cm solid area inside the cyst.I went for the scan the nurse said she wasn't happy with what she saw and was fast tracking me. I asked if it could be more serious and she said it could be. told me to get to docs in the afternoon and get a ca125 blood test. This was aFriday. The blood was actually sent off Monday afternoon,tested on a Tuesday and they weren't sure if it was too old for the test but went ahead. On the Tueday I saw the doctor. 30 minute appointment and imo was basically leading me down to the road to expect the worse. Saw on the computer screen what was sent to them from the scan and it said suspicion of cancer, needs CA125 blood test. Bood test results back and levels are 27.5 normal.

A couple of questions...

Is this the way they deal with suspected ovarian cancer now? As I feel at no point of this path have they reassured me it could be nothing sinister.

Are the solid parts generally that big?

As the blood was old couple this affect the levels?

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Hi Ally, although I can't really answer the medical side of things, I can say that I had a very similar reaction my end - at least, the radiologist made what she saw on the ultrasound (a complex mass next to the ovary, 37mm) sound very bad, and really gave me only two possibilities - a hemorrhagic cyst or cancer, and that was that. My GP was quite cross about it, and said there were lots of other benign possibilities. I am still waiting for my second scan (like you, my CA125 was normal) and can't get the radiographer's words out of my head.

So, hang on, as I'm trying to, to the fact that there are lots of possibilities, including - but not just - cancer, and that sometimes the medics don't always realize the impact of every little thing they say.

Everyone on this site has been amazing, and it's great to know that, if next week's scan delivers bad news, there are people here who can support. The same will go for you too.

Keep us posted, and hang on (as everyone tells me) to the positives.



Hi Ally

Sorry to hear you are so worried. It sounds as if there are a few things that are rather inconclusive in your diagnosis. It's true that the docs don't realise the impact of what they say. I had something similar with my mother-in-law's treatement for cancer just before Christmas. The doctor was a fan of the school of "calling a spade a bloody shovel!" It's true that there are so many possibilities that could cause your symptoms. It's also true that, as Francesca says, there are some good support mechanisms in place if your worst fears are recognised. This site is good for that. I was diagnosed early and that was 8 years ago so there is a strong case for treatment investigating all the possibilities early on, I guess that makes some people in the medical profession talk, before thinking through what the impact may be. Is there a gynae cancer specialist nurse available at your local hospital? They are well worth a word with, and are, in my experience, fantastic at putting fears into perspective. Otherwise, ring the Ovacome office on 0845 371 0554. There are trained nurses on there who have had personal experience of all the tests, diagnoses and treatment. It can put your mind at rest.

All the best,

Wendy x


Hi Ally

I agree with the previous comments. It is a bit unnerving when you hear a rather matter of fact 'it could be cancer - could be serious' from the doctor or other health care professional. The specialist gynae nurses I have met have been great at putting the news in perspective. One positive to keep in mind is at least the system went into action quickly - early diagnosis is crucial - and we need to keep pressurizing for that. It will mean that health professionals won't always be sensitive about the impact of what they say but in my experience things are improving on that front..

Keep in touch - as the others say, this is a good site for support.



Thank you for all the replies...I suppose I'm asking the million£ questions really. I have the hospital appointment tomorrow morning and hopefully things aren't as they may appear, fingers crossed. I have realised though every case seems to be different and the outcome of all this will not be as quick as I'd like so will be rolling with it all for now.

Looking back on the last week or so I think what has maybe freaked me more than the none reasussance of it being ok is the fact they (docs nurses) have treat me with kid gloves.

thanks again Ally


Update...Went today, no vaginal ultrasound done. But a couple of the gynys have looked at scan and don't think it''s cancer. Solid area in cyst they think is the ovary and vascular tubes surrounding ovary are swollen. Don't want to do keyhole as it will be difficult for them as I had a hysterectomy 10 years by keyhole, which ended up with internal bleeding from an unsealed artery so ended up with incision aswell anyway, so it's a bit messy down there.

They've decided to leave it until 4 months to have another scan to see if it grows. If the pain become unbearable then they will also deal with it then.

So wait and see still but I can put it to the back of my mind get on until the next scan.

Still a little of me worried but a lot less.


Update as this has been ongoing now for months...had another US scan and transvaginal scan back in May. a few more cycst seemed to appear and what he called endometrial....Gyny appointment and though it might be endometriosis but to be sure do one more CA125 this number has doubled so last Friday went for CT scan. Heard today from Gyny Oncology nurse that I will be going in to take it out in the next 4 to 6 weeks depending on keyhole or incision (although he said keyhole was not poss)

Really thought after 7 months of this I'd escaped the scalpel...heads everywhere now and obviously those bloods make me rather nervous.

Any advice appreciated


sorry meant to say....the issue she says is the CA125 being doubled...called it a complex mass now too. And maybe it was just me but when speaking to her before never felt ackward but today I did...I felt she was evasive.


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