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Thank you

Just a "Quickie" to thank everyone so much for their lovely comments and good wishes in response to my blog saying that I'm home from Portugal. I really would prefer to reply individually but Christmas and time wait for no man (or woman) and I'm rather behind with my preparations.(Ok - I must be honest - what's new? It's the same every year!!)

It's so great to be back and able to not just read, but actually take part on, the site again. Hopefully I'll find things better when I return to Portugal as my super youngest son has had a look at my computer and found that I'd downloaded something while away that had then let in over 230 "Things" (I'm useless - I've forgotten what he called them!! ) They had slowed up the computer so much it was barely useable - Doh!! Maybe it wasn't the campsite Wi FI connection, after all. Fingers crossed ..........

Once again, thank you and HAPPY CHRISTMAS. Keep your chins up and for those of you going through a low patch, you WILL feel more cheerful again. You sometimes have to hit rock bottom so you can bounce up again. Keep trying to fine one thing to make you smile a day, achieve one small thing each day. Even if it's tidy the cutlery drawer, sort your old makeup out, and listen to happy music.Or have a moan on the site - it could help.

With love, Solange xx

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Haha Solange I had exactly the same problem when I went on holiday and I only went for two weeks LOL my son had to sort mine ( aren't sons great? ) I 'm in a rush too so must go have a good Christmas love x G x :-/ ;-)


Enjoy every moment Solange! xxxx Annie


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