The horrible wait

Hi, I'm very new to this site but it's good to know it's there. I had a transvaginal ultrasound yesterday (a routine screening) and it revealed a 34mm complex mass near my left ovary. The docs said it could be a corpus luteum after ovulation but it could also be cancer. I had the blood test today but won't get the results until Tuesday. Has anyone else had the corpus luteum misread for cancer? I am so scared, especially as I have young children. Any advice would be so welcome.

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  • Hi Francesca

    Sorry to hear you are going through so many worries at the moment. I know what it's like to have to wait for results. Feels never-ending! However, it looks as if your problem is being investigated early on, and you are having all the tests necessary to pick up whatever is causing the mass. I am not able to be of any help, really, but want you to know you're not alone! Do try to think of a positive outcome. If the diagnosis is not as you would hope, you will get through it all. It's amazing where us women get the strength from. There is a lot of support on this site, some aimed specifically at younger women who are being treated, have been diagnosed or are worried. Just scroll down some of the older questions.

    Let me know how you get on.

    All the best for Tuesday

    Wendy x

  • I can only echo Wendy's great response. Waiting is horrible but it sounds like things are moving really quickly. Fingers crossed that it's good news on Tuesday, it's the doctor's job to spell out all the possibilities but don't fixate on cancer yet. Let us know how it goes on Tuesday and we're all here if you more support.

    Rachel xx

  • Hi Francesca

    This is a worrying time I know for you and the previous 2 replies are excellent. I myself was in a similar situation ( results waiting, although not corpus luteum as yours may be) but whatever the outcome I can only repeat what the other 2 excellent replies are. Come back to the website if you can and let us know/ share your feelings if you are able and feel like it. You will find a lot of understanding and support here. It does sound as though your health professionals are moving quickly on this and that is good for a positive outcome., Rachel is right that the Dr has to mention ALL the possibilities but they are possibilities. Fingers crossed and best of luck . We all know this waiting for results is a really tough time.

    As Wendydee says, you WILL get through it

    all best and remember your not alone with a support site such as this


  • Hi everyone, I just wanted to thank you so much for being so supportive. It means the world as I feel very alone with this. My husband is so good, but he doesn't think I should be looking things up as I am and I don't want to burden him with constant wondering. Also with the kids around it's hard to find the space.

    So, thank you. I await the blood test result with real fear but in the knowledge that you're there if it doesn't look good. If it's normal I still have to wait for another scan, as I know that it's only 50% accurate in pre-menopausal women (told you I'd been looking things up).

    I'll let you know.. Thanks for thinking of me.


    <b>Updated on Jan 11 2011 10:11AM:</b> An update for everyone who's been so great about all of this. The blood test came back low, at 10, which is a good start and I am feeling a bit better. I know it's not great at picking early cancers up and now await my scan which I hope might be next week after my period. Until then I am going to try to forget about it (at least a bit..) and concentrate on the family. Kids are, as everyone ways, a great leveller, but they also make you worry so much more about being there for them..

    Anyway, thanks again to you all for getting me this far.


  • HI Francesca

    good to hear your update and glad your feeling a bit better. A word about " looking things up" If you only look on reputable sites such as Ovacome and Macmillan etc you will be fine but do remember there is a lot of unchecked misinformation out there which can easily lead to unnecessary worries!

    Good luck

    Let us know how you get on


  • Thanks Lyndy, I know what you mean about some of the sites out there. I unfortunately had to learn that the hard way last year when my sister had breast cancer. We stuck with Macmillan who were absolutely amazing throughout. This site has been brilliant this time too - not least because of everyone's support.

    I will definitely keep you posted.


  • Update. Hi, I had my second scan today and the mass had gone. I can't tell you (or perhaps, of all people, you will understand and so I don't need to) how relieved I am. The radiologist said I was very veiny on one side, but that was probably normal (I'm accepting that for now) and that the mass probably was a luteal cyst.

    I will probably have one more scan, but this note is really to thank you all SO much for being there and helping me through the last two horrendous weeks. And to Ovacome, which just oozes support and warmth.

    I really have appreciated it.


  • Thinking of you and your family. I went through the ultersound and scans last year when my GP referred me for a Urgent ultersound it was very scary, but all is well now after a diagonisis of Ovarian Cancer Stage 1, I had a full hysterecomy and luckily the all clear came two and a half weeks after the operation (the worst time was the waiting). I can honestly say I feel so much better now and take one day at a time and enjoy every minute of each day. I am 54 with grown up children and a supportive husband. But I can understand your fears, keep positive.


  • Hello Francesca

    I had a ultrasound and a transvaginal prop last April after my GP decovered a huge mass which he referred me urgently for all the tests and the blood tests. The wait was the worst. It was ovarian cancer the mass was 32mm I had a complete hysterctomy in May. I am fine now no side effects or chemo afterwards all was removered in time, thank God. The NHS was quick and efficent they will act very quickly once they know what it is and get the treatment you need. I am now suffering from the menopause but cannot take HRT because of the cancer scare. But I find the hot sweats in this cold weather keep me warm!!!

    Good luck let me know how you get on.


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