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Summarising the Great Finds blog -- stuff we can't live without!

To save anyone trawling I've stolen the summary idea from Leolady - here's what came out of the great finds blog, for easy reference. Good list I think!

Great comfy clothes stuff from M&S - big knickers, support pants, dance pants and jeggings - and Boux Avenue PJs gets a special mention too... And I'm chucking in my Tesco onesie too for post-op midriff comfort!

Warmth and comfort: Snuggly long cardigans and shrugs, fleecy blankets, fluffy hotties and microwavecherry stone cushions

Skin care: Bio-Oil and E45

Post-hysterectomy hot flushes: if you can't bear the though of a mineral water spray there's always a bottle of Evian and little spray bottle, and don't forget the Kegel Trainer app for pelvic floor health...

Bed must-haves: overbed table and foam bed wedge - plus a V-shaped cushion works to help the back in any chair

Big votes for "kit" - Wi-Fi, iPads, iPods, iPhones/other smartphones and E-readers - as long as you keep the chargers handy!

Conveniences of life: moist tissue and baby wipes...

Essentials: apparently wine of all colours especially Italian, it seems - and a Tefal Actifry for healthy chips...!

If you believe then great: magnets, Ladycare bracelets. Bit of a sceptic here but never mind! A reiki and other healing things can't be bad either...

And lastly a bit of creativity and contemplation, for staying sane: a Journal, sketch pad, pens

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