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urodynamics test

Hello, this might be litle bit personal for some but need some advice.

After hysterectomy i started to have problem with a bladder. It did got better after pelvic exercises for a while but last few months it got bad.At 32 being in menopause and wearing TENA its not much fun :):):)

Does anyone know what urodynamic test is about and what to expect? Having test done in week time.

Thank you


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Yes they must check for prolapse and stuff. Question re frequency of pelvic floors -- I did halfheartedly and it didn't work then got serious and am doing approximately 10 times a day. That DID finally work. With you on TENA horrible things! I can thing of stronger description than an oops moment but would be struck off the blog probably.

Good luck



Dear Zuzi,

That's a rotten problem and I have heard it is relatively common after a hysterectomy. I found a good overview on Urodynamic Tests at the following website: .

It does seem that help is at hand and they can see exactly what the problem is and look at surgery to clear up the problem - or they may find the solution would be in rigorous pelvic floor muscles as Sue says. I would ask if you can be referred to a physiotherapist too. I suffered with a prolapsed uterus years ago and the GP suggested surgery. My friend's a physiotherapist and said surgery has other unwanted side-effects and she thought she could help. Regular exercises did keep in in check until it was all removed a couple of years ago.

It's a horrible problem and Tena pants are the pits. I'm sure you'll get it sorted out soon.

love Annie xxxx



My consultant said that sometimes it's a problem post hysterectomy, but that often the GP can prescibe tablets or a short op to put a band around the bladder to stop the leaking. I know someone who had this and said it is brilliant.

I've had leaky bladder not used Tena I've used an always everyday panty liner has have a pink discharge at the moment. just in case, but I'd hate to be out and have a coughing fit, so know where you are coming from, someone recommended to me cones for exercises.

LA xx


Sorry, dont know but Tesco do a shaped pad that is called Everyday Value

12 Pads for about £1.20 They say "discreet pads for light to moderate bladder weakness" The adhesive pads are Length: 9". Width at widest point 4" narrowing to 3" in the middle and returning to 4" like a curvey lady. About a quarter of an inch thick.

Maybe of use to someone on here

All the Best



Thank you Annie for website, definitely will look into it. Very useful.

My Dr. said its problem post hysterectomy and will try first with tablets...well i have to do this test first. I was just wondering if anybody done this test. I hope i will not have to go to toilet front of doctor!!! or?

Lily-Anne u can get TENA panty liner as well :):):) find always to weak for me

Thank you all again for shearing your experience with me x

Love Zuzi


Hi Zuzi

I do sympathise, having had to wear pads for many months myself after surgery. In my case, it turned out to be a vesico vaginal fistula that had to be put right by more surgery. I won't go into detail as I've already bored on about it in the recent past and it is a different problem though the end result is the same.

You can get the pads on prescription. I didn't do this as I was told they "weren't as nice" as the Tenas (!!!!) but I had to wait so long for the operation and ended up spending a lot of money that could have been saved.

It is good that they are doing Urodynamics to find out exactly where the problem lies. Hope you get it sorted out without too much delay. I thought I was too young (at 55-56 years old!!) for this sort of thing but you have much more reason to complain!!!!

Do let us know how it goes for you.

Best wishes and lots of love

Mary xxx


Hi Zuzi,

The Urodynamics investigation is a certain way to understand the exact cause of your incontinence and then direct appropriate treatment as soon as possible. It will involve insertion of a two channel tube into your bladder which will measure

bladder pressure as it fills and the as you micturate. Often done in conjunction with X-ray imaging so that they can observe bladder base at the same time. In summary a little uncomfortable and embarrassing but the best route to understanding whether you have an over active bladder causing incontinence or stress type problem. Your accurate history and voiding diaries( how often and how much plus wetting pattern) will help complete the picture. Good luck and contact me if you want further advice - my field of expertise for 25+ years!!

Good luck,



thank you for your replay. im keeping diary for 4 days and seems like jug going everywhere with me :)

im more worrying about that embarrassing site of procedure than anything else but i cant live my life with a pads for ever...not nice and doesnt help in my love life either oops

on 12th is test so will update

have a nice day

love zuzi x


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