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CT scan shows reduction of main tumour but lymph node is growing again

Hello everybody, am writing to have some reassurance, if possible...

I'm on my 4th round of chemo, weekly dose-dense taxol and carbo, for a 5 cm recurrence on the side of my colon and a swollen lymph node next to my collarbone. I started the chemo in September, and the swelling in the lymph node almost disappeared within the first 2 weeks, and the tumour markers went down almost to normal. But then they started going up again, so last week I had a scan, and this shows that the tumour next to the colon is smaller. But today I noticed that the lymph node has swollen again and it's almost as big as it was this summer (2 cm), all in a couple of days. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING???

I will see my oncologist on Monday, but my fear is that the scan showed that the tumour had become smaller, but is in fact already getting bigger (compared to a month ago). Help!


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I don't know, is the short answer. Are you going by the scan report, or by feel?

Fear and stress both make things appear a lot worse. I know it is easier said than done, but please try not to panic until you have talked to your consultant. Can you call your CNS first thing tomorrow morning and ask these questions? Is there any way that you could squeeze into the clinic this week rather than next?

I completely understand how you feel but without the expertise and the facts anything I or anyone else here may say is just a guess.

If you possibly can, have a glass or two of wine, let your fear go. Maybe a nice long bath? There is nothing you can do until tomorrow morning. There is a saying in Scottish gaelic that translated says: fear is worse than war. I think that is also true of cancer.

I feel utterly helpless writing these words - all I can say is that I've been there and come out the other side. I hope you do too.


Hi Francesca

Listen to chrystnh wise words. If you cant get hold of your CNS try your oncologis's secretary to see if they can sueeze you in this week. Ring up Ruth at ovacome for support and advice too in the morning

Love the gaelic saying "fear is worse than war"

Don't hesitate to make those calls you will feel calmer taking control

Love Suex


Hi Francesca,

I can only echo what the other two are saying to give your specialist nurse a ring tomorrow... it might well be that they will do nothing until Monday when you see the oncologist.. but they might put your mind at rest at least...I know it is an awful worry for you...but I don't know what this means either...sending you love and best wishes x G x


Dear Francesca

I don't think I can add another word to the very good advice you're already had. I'm wishing you all the luck in the world and hope it's something perfectly insignificant.

Meanwhile I hope you can find the headspace to do something you enjoy to take your mind of it until you can see someone with more professional expertise than us on the site.

Please do let us know how you get on.

love Annie xxx


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