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Udder Cream again!

Thanks to Meryl for originally suggesting this. I now have some and slept in my sexy moisture socks last night with my feet covered in this cream. They are definitely smoother this morning and the peeling sysmptoms feel less. I've sent an email to my keyworker about it as the manaufacturers are offering to supply samples to oncology departments for cancer patients.

Maybe Macmillan can arrange discounts on this wonderful stuff!

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Hi Eleni

So pleased the Udder cream is already making you feel more comfortable. It was my key worker nurse who had samples from the manufacturers who originally recommended it to me so I'm sure other hospitals can get some. I've now had 5 treatments of Caelyx which is known for affecting hands and feet and so far, apart from only the slightest discomfort, I've had no problems. Good luck - it's udderly good. Meryl XXXXXX


Hi Meryl

It definitely is udderly good. Funnily enough, I went to see a chiropodist yesterday about my foot problems. He thinks I've got a combination of eczema and athletes foot but when I mentioned what I was using, he showed me the big tub of udder cream that he had for use with patients! He was a big fan too......

Thanks again



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