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NHS England National Cancer Patient Conference

NHS England National Cancer Patient Conference

Sunfleury posted briefly about this conference and I've just noticed the blog didn't get any responses so thought it might be helpful to repost, add a pic and a résumé to highlight what the conference is about as it really does look very interesting. It takes place at Manchester Central, Manchester, M2 3GX on Thursday 13 March. It would be great to meet up if anyone else from the My Ovacome Commumity is going.

The conference if free of charge and can be booked at the following address:

09:00 - 10:00 Registration

10:00 - 10:20 Welcome and Introduction by Sean Duffy and Stuart Gibson

10:35 - 11:35 A Choice of Workshops:

*Peer Review

*Healthwatch Blackburn with Darwen

*Coping with Psychological Factors

*Teenage and Young Adult engagement in service development

*Patient Insight & Patient Experience

*NHS Improving Quality

*Effective Patient Engagement – Prostate Cancer UK

*Breakthrough Breast Cancer Service Pledge

*NICE engaging with patients

*Care Quality Commission

*CRUK – Understanding cancer data

11:50 - 12:20 Patient e-Book Demonstration - an innovative patient diagnostic e-book which is being

developed for all tumour sites at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Trust

12:20 - 13:30 Lunch

13:45 - 14:45 A Choice of Workshops (as before)

14:45 - 14:50 Tea

15:15 - 16:15 Expert Panel:

Expert Panel which will look similar to TV’s ‘Question Time’, however,

rather than politicians we will have a range of ‘experts’ from across the field of cancer.

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Thanks for this Annie- I was in a bit of a rush when I posted. I am going and know of two other friends from this site also booked on. We are hoping given that the event is in the midst of March and OVCA awareness month we might be able to ask some pertinent questions. Some of the workshops look interesting to me! Sx


Hi S,

I thought you wouldn't mind my posting again as it's such an important conference.

Have you booked your break-out sessions? I've just booked, but I was really disappointed that the ones I really wanted to attend are already fully booked which is hugely disappointing. Perhaps they'll let me sneak in at the back.

I've submitted my question. It might be a bit contentious as I'm challenging the proposal to devolve the NHS in Manchester. The people of Wales must be scratching their heads wondering why on earth anyone would do this given the very public criticism of the devolved NHS in Wales. Patients in England should be asking how quality can be assured at a national level within a set of devolved services to guarantee that cancer patients have equal access to treatments both within Manchester and outside Manchester.

xx Annie


Hi Annie, it's much appreciated that you've posted more information and lovely to hear you are also coming to the event!

I got into the groups I had hoped to- I'm interested in the psycological support of people with cancer and also how the patient voice is integrated! Sorry that the ones you'd like to attend are full but suspect that on the day, there may be some cancellations etc so when you book in it may be possible to change.

Having filled in the online form it was interesting to see how many other events are open. Definitely worth a look for anyone else interested in the development of services in the NHS.

Although I live in Derbyshire, i was treated at two of the main hospitals in Greater Manchester. My impression is that the details of the change in funding for Greater Manchester are yet to be clarified but may become pertinent to me and others who travel to the city, especially with The Christie being such an important centre of excellence.

Look forward to catching up with you there!

- for anyone else interested in attending who lives locally, I shall be driving in from Buxton and if can be on help, am happy to be Sunfleury Taxi along the way! Just PM me!

Best wishes, Sx


I've registered to go but having first chemo on 9th so not sure I'll feel up to it but Hope I can go as it would be great to see you both there

Francesca x

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I'll PM you my mobile phone no Francesca so we can keep in touch if you are able to go. xx


I was contemplating coming but thee is no way I could make it by 9am as, despite getting up at 6 dealing with my colostomy and showering means I could not get to the station and be on a train that would get me there in time to find the venue and it has been an expensive month so far with the APPG next week! The programme does not look sufficiently relevant to me to make it worth staying overnight even if I did not already have theatre tickets for the night before.


I'm beginning to get to the stage when I need to pace myself and probably shouldn't have booked the conference. Luckily for me I'm in London the day before so it's not such a bad journey and I'm going the night before so hopefully can cope, and we'll take notes and let you know if there's any exciting news.

I'll think of you on the Thursday. My daughter's treating me to The Magic Flute at Covent Garden on Wednesday. My first ever trip to that theatre so I'm super excited. It was on my bucket list. xxx


The theatre is very upmarket! & The performance should be good !


It is certainly 'up the market' as they would say in Wales ! lol


Hi Annie - living in Derbyshire it's not that far for me to get to Manchester, just nip up to Buxton and I'm on a train! However, I'm having chemo on the 12th and, although I have been ok the first day, my last cycle impacted on me straight away so I'm really not looking forward to it! On the plus side it will be cycle 5 of 6 so I'm getting there.

I would really have liked to meet you and the other Ladies attending. I hope you all enjoy getting together and you have some positive informatio0n to pass onto us all.

Best wishes to you


Annette xxx

Sunfluery - Do you live in Buxton? I live in Youlgrave and would love to meet up if possible at some point - Annette xxx


Hi Annette- will PM you x


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