What happens when you ask for a second opinion?

Many of you know that I have asked my consultant to refer me for a second opinion after being told that I had a reoccurrence and then that I didn't. I haven't heard anything yet so I chased it up with my consultants secretary and I've been told that they are reviewing my case tomorrow and I should hear something soon.

I was just wondering what will happen now? Will I have new scans or will they just review my existing ones?

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  • Hi ScardyCat,

    I will ask my consultant friend when I see him...he might know...he has assured me that consultants don't mind if you ask for a second opinion though...I see this friend a lot but I could ring him...sorry I am not much help...I have just posted a poem for you..to wish you well on your run best wishes love x G x :-)

  • Gwyn you are a big help and it would be lovely to meet up for coffee sometimes

  • Hi ScardyCat,

    I may have mentioned this before, when I was thinking of a second opinion my son did some research and came up with Tim Perrin he has a good profile and is a leading gynaecological oncologist so it is good you are going to see him, best wishes for their review today, I got home too late last night to ring my friend....

    Sending you my love and yes coffe would be nice love x G x :-)

  • Not sure what your Doc might say but i would push for one if you want it. My wife was told 11 months ago that nothing else could be done and she had 3-9 months max to live. Well 11 months later she is alive and kicking simply because we would not accept that and got a referral and had another chemo.........it hasnt cured her, we know it wont, but had we just listened to the original Onc, then she would most probably be dead now. Keep pushing if you need to, but IMO they should always offer a 2nd opinion. Good luck.

  • I'm just waiting for the appointment to come through I was told yesterday my case was being discussed today

  • Dear Scardy cat.. I asked for a second opinion when they told me they couldnt find my primary.. I did have a new scan and they compared it to the existing ones.. Even though there still wasnt a conclusion i did feel better that they had looked again..

    I hope all is well when you get your second opinion.

    Lots of love

    suzanne.. xxxx

  • Thanks Suzanne that's all I want as well for someone else to review my case and have a second look

  • I think it might help if you had someone in mind for the second opinion and asked to see them? That way if you go to someone completely new then you will have a better chance of a completely new unbiased opinion. Do you have specialist cancer centre nearby?

  • I've been treated at a specialist cancer centre - The Christie. A referral has already been sent through to Dr Tim Perrin at St James in Leeds I'm just preparing some questions and was wondering what to expect at the appointment when it comes through

  • My consultant decided to refer me to see if there were any trials I could do when I saw him 3 weeks ago. I went back this week and he asked if I had heard.i said no and asked when he had written. On checking the records, he dictated the letter on 20th August, it was typed on3rd sept, and today the rm can find no trace of it!!!! A lot of good when treatment has been stopped and you want to know. I have been told to go on holiday, and should be sorted for when I come back!

  • Hi there,

    I saw Tim Perrin as a second opinion and he was brilliant. He just reviewed my file and asked me questions, though, he didn't do any new tests or examination. He had endless patience with my questions.

    His secretary was lovely and set up an appointment within 2 weeks of receiving the referral. Ovacome have the number if you want to ring her, or you can just ring the Jimmy's switchboard.

    I hope it helps, it certainly helped me feel more peaceful

    Warmest wishes



    Just as a side note, GPs can refer people for second opinions if anyone doesn't feel they want to ask their consultant.

  • Thanks for this Sue I just gave them a ring and I have an appointment on 28 September

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