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Is there a pattern?

Hi my most recent (3rd line) chemo has not been effective and latest ct scan shows enlarged lymph nodes in chest and abdomen, also CA125 has risen to over 700 (when last tested 3 weeks ago). I have been having quite a bit of abdominal discomfort, also lower back pain, have any of you ladies experienced similar symptoms? Going to see oncologist in 2 weeks, when we will discuss treatment options, but he said he would arrange for me to have an MRI scan also bone scan. Does this disease follow any kind of pattern? I would like to know what to expect!

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Unfortunately that seems to be one of the problems with this disease that it doesn't follow any set pattern and everyone seems to have such varied symptoms. Someone I know had spread to lymph nodes and liver earlier this year and the chemo they had then made it disappear from both, so even if it has spread there is still hope that another treatment may help.

Wishing you all the best.

George x


Thank you George, that is reassuring.

Best wishes to you

Susie X


I agree with George everyone of us is different and treatment gives us all different results every time. My CA125 is 975 at the moment so I am waiting to see whats next !

Good luck with the oncologist, let us know.

Thinking of you.

Takes care,

luv trish x


Thank you Trish, and good luck to you too!

Susie x


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