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wrong diagnosis

my mother only found out on 7th august she had OC,she was told it was small localised and on 1 ovary only,she would get an appt for a surgeon and all would be fine,2 days later she was sent to worcs hospital for a 13 litre drain and told via an mri it was everywhere,it was on her left ovary and more advanced,since then this second diagnosis has been confirmed,and told the primary tumour is very large,the original doctor a so called experienced consultant Mr Labib could not be any further wide of the mark,how many others have found such contrasting diagnosis from various doctors,how could a doctor get the call so wrong,besides complaining that the first doctor is a prat what can we do,dont help my mom does it,

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Hello Shaun,

Sorry to read of your mother's misleading diagnosis. I understand that you must feel bewildered and angry at this difficult time; but actually it sounds as if action was taken to get a correct diagnosis quickly. It is a notoriously difficult disease to assess without scans. It seems to me (as someone who has been there) that what your Mother needs is to gain trust in the team who are to treat her. You will help her to do this by creating a good relationship with her Oncologist and Surgeon. Would it help you to feel that everything that can be done is being done to talk to the Ovacome helpline next week? They can talk through the difficulties with you - and your fears and anxiety.

I hope that your Mother responds well to the treatment and things seem very different soon.

Very best wishes,



Hi Shaun

I can fully appreciate your feelings. I was in the same position when I was initially (mis)diagnosed. Firstly I was told I had a large tumour on one ovary but as they only did an ultrasound (and not a CT), which didn't pick up the spread of oc in my abdomen, I was reassured that it was probably just a large benign tumour! But everything changed after my op and final prognosis of OC. Everyone was very apologetic and I was sooo upset and annoyed. But since then my Onc team have been marvellous and I am very grateful for all the help and support I have received. I try not to dwell on what's happened - it's in the past. Your mum needs to focus on her future treatment and put all her trust in her team. I'm sure they will do everything they can to ensure your mum has the most appropriate treatment for her. I hope everything goes well for her.

Best wishes

Colette xxxxx


Hi Shaun

I agree with Colette . You are understandbly upset and angry about the in accurate information . The main thing now is Mum getting the treatment she needs . A big part is having trust and faith in the team taking care of you . Would Mum ask for a second opinion and see another consultant or perhaps it would help by asking the specialist why he gave the wrong information .

I am sure you willfind this website to be a great support



thanks,poor old mom is in hospital again today,breathing problems,seems it all piles on her at once,the second opinion we had confirmed the worse scenario,and whilst it doesnt help my mom in any way the first doc should never be allowed to say things like he did,she has been stuck at worcester hospital for 11 hrs today and still no sign of a consultant apparently she is too busy in theatre,again this is how things seem to be with my moms care,too busy too rushed,missed appointments,lost blood results,wait another week for tests.....21 st century britain and its still like this


Hi Shaun

Missed appointments, can't see the consultant and lost blood results? No-one needs this stress in a situation which is already about as stressful as you can get. Is there anybody at the hospital that you can express your concerns to?

Hope things start moving in the right direction soon



thanks monique,i have complained to the hospital directorate office,and voiced my concerns with the ward manager,but as you said its not something we should be bothering with right now,because i am a single dad my 2 girls are really close to my mom and with their concerns,my own health probs and everything my mom is going thru its just not the easiest thing to tolerate when its down to incompetence,lets hope once I`ve rattled the cage the beast finally wakes up eh!,,,,thanks anyway


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