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To everyone,

Has anyone ever had just one symptom over many years, and then, started with other symptoms, and beign dignosed with O.C? the reason I am asking is I had an over active bladder for 8 years, and by March 2011 I was dignosed with O.C and went on to have symptoms such as neasua, tickly cough, fatigue, horsness by December 2010, if so my doctor did a very bad job of dignosing me but then again she was just concertrating only on the bladder symptoms.which can be but down to the menopause.


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Hi Sarah,

The truth is; the symptoms of ovarian cancer are shared by so many other conditions and changes (menstrual cycle, peri-menopause, and menopause to name only three) that it is virtually impossible for a GP, who will see probably only one or two cases of o.c. in a career. I had no symptoms except an enlarged lymph node. Everything else that I thought would be resolved by treatment for o.c., has remained. I think it is unrealistic to expect GPs to be able to pick up o.c., especially at a time when there are not the resources to send all the many, many female patients attending with menstrual and associated problems, for specialist tests.

Best wishes,



Hi Sarah,

I was diagnosed following an emergency admission with acute abdominal pain.One of my ovaries had twisted .It was a shock to be diagnosed with o c and for a while I felt let down by my GP who had diagnosed me ( without examining me) with irritable bowel syndrome about 6 months previously.I then started to blame myself for not being assertive enough and insisting that she had examined me at the time.Bloating and an inability to loose weight were my only apparent symptoms.My CNS has told me that it is common to feel this way and as the symptoms are so vague it is difficult to diagnose.Hope this helps .

Best Wishes



Hi Sarah

I think it is very difficult for GPs to diagonose OC but at least I was fortunate for my main symptom to have been post-menpausal bleeding and was referred to the hospital and seen within two weeks.

I also had a very active bladder and have wondered since whether this was a sign of OC but never bothered my GP with this, thinking it was stress. It must be difficult for all concerned to recognise.

Hope you are now receiving some good treatment and care.

Best wishes



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