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Fed up - always bad news

Trying to pick myself up again after finding out today that scan results show my once asleep nodules ( well just for a few months) are back with a vengeance, got to look forward to more rounds of chemo, I know that this b----y disease is not curable and it certainly messes with your head but it would help if we knew that chemo could give us a better chance of survival, Thats it had a moan feel better already, hugs to all


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Hi Bettyann,

Its good to have a moan get it off your chest, at least we all know how you feel and you have our sympathy. I know how chemo feels although I have only had 2 at the moment they are not the best thing. We have just got to think of it as little bullets shooting the alien inside us. Hope things get better soon.

Love and Hugs Babs x x x


Dear Bettyann

I'm really sorry to hear about your scan. What we all dread and this is the one place you can let off steam knowing that everyone really understands how you feel.

I hope the next round of chemo does the trick for you and they go to sleep for a good long time.

love xxx Annie


Hi Bettyann..

I agree with Annie, I hope the next round of chemo puts them to sleep again for you.

Thinking of you and sending hugs.

Love Suzanne.



What a b****r! These invidious C cells get everywhere! They seem to keep playing peek-a-boo and popping up in new, and unexpected places! I hope the side effects of the chemo are less unbearable and it slows the s**s down.

On the other hand "Bu***r" survival! Not enough for me merely to "survive" I for one want the chemo to give me a better quality of life as well! At present I cannot sit or drive, (the partial slipped disc seems to have moved and trapped the sciatic nerve!). On the plus side I am getting lots of exercise as I am more comfortable walking and propping myself up with my stick and staying positive!

Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts!



Thanks everyone, just to let you know that I am going to 'pick myself up dust myself down and start allover again' which is what we all seem to do on this site, and Margaret I hope you get sorted soon

Love Bettyann xxx


Hi Bettyann,

Hope things pick up soon love x G x :-)


Hi there Bettyann..

So very sorry to read your post and to hear that you have got to have chemo again .

This site and its lovely ladies will keep you going xxx

Take care now

Love Janet xx


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