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As you know I am a newbee on here I was diagnosed in May with grade 3c and now Im undergoing Chemo. I never miss a day going on Ovacome I love to read everyone`s stories and write blogs myself. I would like to do some fundrasing and came up with the idea . We have race for life, ride for life so I thought of "PUSH FOR LIFE ". I was thinking of getting a group of my friends who all have childreen or grandchildreen and pushing them in their buggies for say 5 k and getting sponsered. Has anyone else done any fundraising and if so how did it go. Plus if anyone else wants to do it in their area maybe we can chat about it . Thanks all Babs x x

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Hi Doreen,

When I was first diagnosed and told I was going to lose my hair - it didn`t seem to matter, the only thing that did was getting better.

However, the thought of going to bed unsure if it would be there in the morning made me feel as tho the cancer was taking over. Sooooo, like a lot of ladies I decided to shave it off myself.

I did it before I started the chemo and I used this as a way to raise some funding for OV CA research.

Of course there was only me doing this but I asked all my friends to ask their friends and family as well and I soon raised £1,400.

I took photographs and they were put up in local pubs, hair salons and anyone else who thought they could help. The support was amazing.

Made it so worth it - this went on to inspire people who had good health, my daughters next door neighbour supported me by doing the same.

Aparaently she has now done this 3 times for cancer research. She raised a whopping amount, I can`t remember how much now but it was over £2,000.

You go girl it all helps us fight the fight whoop! whoop!

Good luck with it


Hi Babs,

Sounds a great idea. I did the race for life last year two weeks after finishing my first course of chemo. It was what kept me going. I wore an ova come t shirt and hat i raised over £500 but obviously the money went to cancer research.

This year I am 50 so I am organising a fund raising birthday casino night on behalf of ovacome. I have contacted local businesses for raffle prizes which I have had a good response to.

When people buy fun money to bet with that will be going to ovacome as well. I have no idea how much I will raise but I think anything is better than nothing and I will be celebrating my birthday. Considering I wasn't even sure 18 months ago I would still be here for this birthday.

Let us know how it goes

Cheers Jackie xx


Happy Birthday when its here, I have had my 50thy and its was a great day. Now I have my 60th to look forward to although I still have two year to go. I will definitely do something special that year. Good Luck with the casino they are fun when I worked in the Hotel people often had them at their wedding. Love and hugs Babs x x



I was inspired to raise some money for Ovacome after attending Members Day last month. It was a really good day and we were all very well looked after.

I am also celebrating my 50th Birthday this August and am going to hold a raffle to raise funds for Ovacome.

I am also having my local hospital radio provide the entertainment and as they are volunteers, proceeds will go to the hospital.

My party didn't start off as being a fundraiser but seems a good opportunity to raise money and awareness and celebrate being a year on plus one day since I have my first operation.



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