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Would my hysteroscopy detect ovarian cancer?

Hi...I wrote on here a week or so ago and had some fruitful and reassuring answers. I have my hysteroscopy in 2 weeks time - am 55 not yet had the menopause and have a fibroid but they want to investigate further. Some of the symptoms I have could point to ovarian cancer and I'm wondering if they would be able to detect that when they carry out the hysteroscopy?

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Hi Betsy,

I was 52 and had symptoms of OC and fibroids, had really heavy periods and other symptoms, not the menopause. Have you had a CA125 blood test? I'm not sure about what a hysteroscopy can see, but can tell you about my experience. My CA125 was 545 so they decided to operate. I'm glad they did, as I had OC on both ovaries and the omentum. It was caught early enough and all taken out. I didn't need chemo after and thet was nearly 9 years ago now. If there is any chance of the hysteroscopy not seeing everything that may be going on, as opposed to having an op that will answer all the questions for sure, I know what I would choose. However, everyone's different. Maybe your Nurse specialist at the hospital or the Ovacome nurses on 08453710554 could answer your question more fully. The Ovacome nurses are not there at the weekend though.

All the best

Wendy xx


Hi Betsy

After my hysterectomy and removal of an ovarian cyst along with my ovaries, it was found that the cyst was cancerous but other checks made at the time were all clear.

Hoping your operation is straightforward and it solves all the problems that I presume you have experienced,

Very best wishes



Please ask for an ultrasound. I can only speak from experience, but my daughter was given a hysteroscopy and it did not detect her OVCA. It was a further 6. months before they found it with an ultrasound!


Yes, I agree about the ultrasound. I had two different ones then a trans-vaginal ultrasound. The info from these, along with a CA125 made them think they had better operate. Thank God!


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