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any advice?

please can someone help me? i was diagnosed with a large endometrioma last september (six inches) and when it was removed and sent off, a small part of it had become cancerous. I was then re-admitted and had my right ovary, appendix, lymph glands and a cyst from my left ovary removed which was just a simple 'egg cyst'. i was advised to keep my left ovary as im only 25 and desperately want a family. I then had six cycles of carboplatin and a routine follow up ct scan. I got my results yestertday and the ct has shown that the cyst on my remaining ovary has grown back, its 4cm (the same size that it was when my surgeon removed it first time round).

My oncologist feels that again its just a simple cyst which could possibly be left alone and monitored but has sent a referral back to my surgeon to see what he thinks. my ca125 is normal. It has only ever been raised once which was last year when i was initally diagnosed and even then it was only 40.

Im just so worried and confused. does anyone have a similar situation?

Im sorry this is such a long question but I feel desperate as nobody seems to understand.

i feel like i have no control over my body atall or what is going on inside it.

would really appreciate any advice, xxx

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Hi Hayley,

Sorry you're having such a worrying time, but I think in your situation, I'd be inclined to go with what the Oncologist has said, but let them monitor it. Your CA125 seems to support what he's saying and, as you want a family, check when you can try for a baby, and hope for the best. I know it's a risk, but at least you will be closely monitored to catch anything malignant as soon as possible.

Very best wishes,



Hi Hayley

What a difficult time you are having, I do sympathize. Uncertainty is a real killer. I agree with Isadora - I would go with the advice on the oncologist and take any monitoring they offer and talk to them about starting a family. Also your specialist gynae nurse could be a great help. You need to find someone you trust to help you make decisions.

I hope things settle down for you soon. All the best



thankyou for your messages. its so confusing! id just love my life to be like it was this time last year. you can never prepare for it being turned upside down! anyway, i suppose theres nothing i can do untill i see the surgeon again so fingers crossed. thankyou again for your kind replies, xxx


Dear Hayley

I am one of the support line nurses at Ovacome and am so sorry to hear about the very difficult time you are experiencing. It must be very confusing with all that is happening and when not everyone understands all the issues you are facing. Do make sure you have a chance to talk things through with your specialist nurse especially about fertility matters so that you can get some answers.

Please feel free to give us a ring if you would like to talk things through our number is 08453710554 Mon - Fri 10-5

Best Wishes



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