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Apprehension, what to tell and what to ask?

See gynae at end of this week, trying hard not to let it pre-occupy me. To date, u/s 6 weeks ago showed tube blockage, cyst in uterus and cysts to an ovary. CA125 test was done approx 3 weeks ago and result should have been forwarded to gynae. I won't know more until I attend appointment. Have been keeping a diary for past 6 weeks of various symptoms. Difficult because I have history of irritable bowel so unsure what symptoms are relevant. Guess I should tell gynae as much as possible and equally ask as much as possible! The positive I see at present, is that I have not been fast tracked for urgent two week appointment, my GP has not contacted me with concern of CA125 result. My bloating and pain had disappeared in past week or two but is emerging again.

Advice for gynae appoint very welcomed at this rather apprehensive time.

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Hi Bloomin,

Won't your GP give you your CA125 result now if you ask them or would you rather wait and get it as part of the consultation?

Love Lizzie



Had thought about contacting my GP but then decided to wait until I see gynae as if raised I think I would be a nervous wreck by now! Yet I know the ca125 doesn't necessarily prove anything.


Hi there

It probably is best to wait to see the consultant before you get the result.I hopethe time goes quickly for you.

Also definitely tell him as much as possible, don't hold anything back.

What you need to ask depends on the results of the tests. Fingers crossed it will be something innocent.

But these questions should include, if he gives you a nunber of options , asking what he would recommend. If surgery is involved you will need to consider future fertility if you have not / not yed had children. If you are to have the full surgery then you will need to consider whwther or not HRT is an option.

Write down any questions that occur to you betwen now and then. It is also perfectly reasonable to ask how you can contact him if you have any further questions at a later date.

Take care


Charlie xxx



Do give us a ring at Ovacome and we can talk through some of the questions you might want to ask 08453710554. It is usually an idea to write the questions down that you want answered beforehand and to take somone with you so that if you forget what the answer was they will remember.

Hope all goes well

Best Wishes



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