Does anyone else suffer with pain when hair starts falling out?

The first time I lost my hair I suffered with a very painful, tender scalp, I thought this might be because my hair was quite long at the time and maybe the weight of it pulling was what caused the pain, but it's happening again and my hair is still very short. I find anything touching my head really quite unpleasant. Just wondered if I'm just weird or if it happens to other people.

George x

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  • Hi George.

    I encountered exactly the same feeling. I had a bob style and my scalp was so sore to touch when my hair started coming out. The plus side was that it came out quite quickly. Didn't help my husband and sisters keep wanting to pat my head when they were feeling sorry for me - ouch :-) . Hope you del better soon.

  • I had my hair cut into a bob about a week after my first treatment of taxol, and the day that I felt it coming out I shaved the lot off. So I never really got the bald headed look as the hair was so short it was falling out in clumps, if that makes sense? However it was like I had ants crawling under my skin on my head at times, so sensitive and weird feelign but not painful. xx

  • Hi George

    Yes it's like pins and needles but with pain.(Have lost my hair twice).

    Actually I'm on platinum only this time and was told I may lose my hair, but may not.Have not lost any hair so far(had 3 doses so far) but had slight pins and needles last time i washed my hair.I immediately thought uh oh , hair is falling out.....but so far it hasn't. Haven't washed my hair since .


  • Julie, I was on carboplatin only and didn't loose my hair, mind you will do this time (different cocktail) so I'm waiting for the tingling to start !

  • Hi, I was given taxol and carboplatin and after only one treatment my hair began to fall out. I got the same feelings as you with the strange feelings and pain on my scalp so I shaved off my hair and within 3 days I was completely bald, I found it difficult to lie on my pillow at night let alone anything else and when I wore a wig I used to suffer with the most horrendous migraines. Iv had 6 sessions and I get my scan results on Wed, my bloods have been really low and my veins collapse constantly making it difficult for bloods to be taken or for procedures to be done to ensure the cancer is gone. I only wish after all the pain I went thro and terrible side effects tht they had tried me with the carboplatin only for a few sessions to see if it would work.


  • Hi Lyndsey

    You sound like you've been through it with your treatment, I decided to have a PICC line this time as I don't have very good veins and it's much better so far, perhaps if you ever have to have more treatment this would be a better option for you too, but hopefully not for a long time, good luck with your scan results, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    All the best George x

  • Hi,

    Both times mine fell out, painful each time but also quite painful when hair grew back in, still waiting to see if I look like a poodle this time, I had thick curly hair before but last time it came in so thick and wiry I kept it short. I rubbed almond oil on my bald pate to keep it moisturised. The upside is that it shortens the whole shower/hair drying/straightening process.


  • Thanks for all your answers, nice to know I'm not the only one. Can't quite bring myself to shave it all off yet as still quite thick and no bald spots yet, seems to be coming out more slowly this time as was completely gone by this stage before. When I shaved it off before I still had the pain for a couple of weeks anyway and found the bristles uncomfortable to lie on and yes my wig is very uncomfortable at the moment. Oh the pleasures of chemo! have my second dose on Friday, dreading it!

    Love to all George x

  • Hi George

    Like you I found the bristles very uncomfortable to lie on so this time after I'd have it 'shaved off' at the hairdressers, I got my husband to give my head a 'proper' shave with shaving cream which took all the bristles off completely and made my head much more comfortable.

    Love Cathy xx

  • Hi

    I also had a very sore scalp - I couldn't bear to shampoo my hair. So I took the decision to have my hair shaved off. Just had second chemo and head still sore - can't wait for all of my hair to finally go and I never thought I would say that!! Linda

  • Hi, I have a tender scalp also, thanks to everyone posting, was wondering if this was normal.A x

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