Large Cystic Mass??I have been experiencing heavy bleeding, back ache and the most evil abdominal pains for three months

Large Cystic Mass??

I have been experiencing heavy bleeding, back ache and the most evil abdominal pains for three months (doctors fobbed me off telling me it was stress induced??) and was admitted into hosiptal with appendicitis. After blood tests that was ruled out and after a week in hosiptal a large cystic mass was found in my lower right pelvic region. It is 12cm in diameter with the largest cyst being 8cm. There is a solid part showing on my US that might be my ovary. I have been discharged and I am being treated as an outpatient (discharged 9/4) I will be seeing a consultant this Wednesday to arrange surgery, I have been told they might have to cut me veritcally due to its size and location and that one of my ovaries is coming out. I recieved a letter today for an MRI for the 5/5. When I was discharded the consultant said that depending what tumour markers showed on my bloods would determine further tests??? If it was a simple cyst they would just pop it etc...sounds vile?? Why do I need an MRI??

I am 24 and all of this is about daunting, losing one ovary is fine but I would rather it all happened now as all this waiting is very frustrating. The pain is agonising and the pain killers are not really doing anything at all.

Anyone who has any advice or has been in a similar situation I would appreciate your feedback.

Thankyou xx

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  • Hello. I can only go by my own experience but I know how scary this all is. I had a ct scan after my blood result - ca125 - was elevated. Not really sure of the difference between CT and MRI but while they both give doctors a better idea of what to expect in surgery I don't think anything is conclusive until they operate and do lab tests on what they find.

    I had the vertical cut cos I was having a full hysterectomy etc. It's a big op but you do recover.

    Sorry you're having such pain. I had quite a bit with my cyst too but it was a good thing cos it meant my cancer was caught early. I think most people will give you the same advice for dealing with this waiting game and that's to keep as busy as you can and arrange plenty of treats for yourself. Talk to anyone you think can help and everyone here is also very supportive.

    Good luck and keep us posted.


  • I was a lot older than you, but your experience sounds similar. Look for info on my profile. The good news is, that you are probably being treated early and that's the key to getting over this, if they do find anything bad. I had a vertical cut, my surgeon said it was so he could "have a good old rummage around and get everything out" It was fine! I recovered quickly and regard my scar as a battle scar. It's faded away to virtually nothing. It's very good that they are doing a MRI scan. Sometimes they use an ultrasound scan too. They will probably do a CA125, although this type of blood test doesn't always reveal OC, it can back up other findings in some people.

    All the very best, and do get back on here and ask any questions you like! Nothing is regarded as silly on here ;-) There is loads of positive, helpful advice from women who have gone through the worrying time that you are going through. You will get through it too!

    Love Wendy xx

  • We do hope that when you went to the hospital today they were able to clarify the situation and that they were able to give you some adequate pain relief while you are awaiting for surgery. I hope you don't have to wait too long.

    The MRI should give the doctors a bit more informaiton about where and possibly what they are dealing with to help them when they do the operation. If you want to talk things through at any time do feelf free to give Ovacome a ring 08453710554

    Best Wishes


    Supprot Line Nurse

  • No more answers really but referred to the MDT as its a complex ovarian tumour. It's the first time ''complex" and "tumour" have been used. They mentioned it had differing densities hence the need for MRI to find out more and decide who ops and what comes out. So in the meantime more waiting...trying to not think about but it's constantly going through my head...need to de-stress!

    Thankyou everyone xx

  • Hi Crackers

    So sorry that you are going through this.

    Just be aware that the terms tumour and cyst are entirely interchangeable, just because it is referred to as a tumour doesn't automatically mean that it is cancerous.It's terrifying when you hear that word.

    If it's any consolation I had an alien as well, there was a fibroid behind it so on the MRI scan it looked really really bad. However after much tooing and frooing it was diagnosed as a borderline tumour, not benign and not an invasive cancer either. I am much older that you ,I was 48 when I was diagnosed. Now two years on I am heaps better, back at work , going to the gym, scubadiving on holidays and am training to run the race for life. Fingers crossed you will be too ,but this is the very very worst part.

    Try to keep busy , get as much exercise as you can and give yourself lots and lots and lots of treats.

    Big hug

    Charlie xxx

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