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I've been told that I am 'Borderline' at the moment. What does that mean, Really !!?


I've had 3 rounds of Carbo, and my CA's weren't going down, if anything creeping up!. and so now I have been told that I am now due a second opperation, ( the first being the full hysterectomy) ( one and half years ago ) ( oh yea followed by taxol/carbo) getting worried now seeing my Doctor/Surgen tomorrow ? just thought someone out there has been here themselfs and can tell me what is Borderline, I'm told its sitting outside my liver, and I have several ' spots in my tummy ' help

Thanks Wendyx

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Hi Wendy

I'm another Wendy and another "borderline" but mine was only round the ovaries and omentum. I had it all taken out in an op (8 years ago) and no need for chemo, so I don't know whether my experience is particularly relevant? I've got a feeling I heard that borderline is one of the many types of tumour, but why don't you give the nurse helpline at Ovacome a ring and find out for sure. It's 0845 371 0554. They have such a wealth of experience. It sounds as if another op may make things clearer. My surgeon didn't know what the next stage of treatment would be until he'd "had a good old rummage around in there" (in his own immortal words). Anyway, all the best for tomorrow. I know you'll be worried but there are a lot of us on here who have had the borderline diagnosis and are still going strong.

Good Luck!

Love Wendy x :-)

Thanks for answering so quickly. Yes as you say hopefully everthing will become clearer when I've spoken to Doc's thanks. wendy

Dera Wendy

I am one of the support nurses at Ovacome and I am sorry to hear about all that has been going on. Do hope your visit to the doctor will make things clearer. If you get a chance before the appointment do feel free to give us a ring on 08453710554.

Best Wishes


Dear Wendy

I have secondaries on liver and a few spots, having had carbo/taxo and surgery. I don't know what borderline means. I was told more surgery wasn't an option for me (we are all different) BUT there are lots of chemo drugs out there that can work really well when carbo/taxo have stopped working. Don't despair. I have had 2 other sorts - about to finish topetecan next month and still feel well and happy 3 &1/2 years down the line.

Let us know what your Dr suggests.

All the very best.

Love Sarah


I thought they didn't give chemo for borderline tumors as they are non-invasive and slow growing?

Scardy Cat that will depend upon the person's history, Franwen's chemo in the past may not have been for borderline disease, although she now seems to have some borderline cells. My understanding is that if your primary disease is borderline you shouldn't need chemo.

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