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Bad reaction to carboplatin any info?

i had my first 6 lots of chemo in 2009-10 with carbo platin/taxol but when the tumours recurred early this year I was put on carbo platin alone. The first lot went well and I am on the Icon6 trial but today, 10 mins in to the infusion I suddenly became very ill, dizzy sick, horrendous stomach pains and they stopped they gave me oxygen, stopped the infusion and injected loads of things into the line before making me lie down. Any ideas what is likely to happen now?

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Dear Margaret

I am one of the support line nurses at Ovacome and I am so sorry to hear that you have such a frightening experience with your chemotherapy. It does occasionally happen and do please feel free to give us a ring in the office on 02072996650 if you want to chat through what may happen next. As you are taking part in a trial it maybe helpful to speak to the research nurse to se what happne snext in your particluar situation.

When I have spoken to other people who have experienced this before, sometimes the Carboplatin has been substituted for a similar drug called Cisplatin which is given over a ;longer period of time with plenty of fluids being givng intravenously first .They may also want to give steriods and antihistamines to prevent a reaction but do check with your hospital to find out what they intend to do. I do wish you all the very best



Hi, I can't tell you what is likely to happen now but wanted to share my experience with you, I was put on taxol and carboplatin last year two weeks after surgery, within 2 minutes of starting the taxol i had a very severe reaction, i stiffened, passed out, started frothing at the mouth and had a fit, my blood pressure also dropped right down, at the time it was scary more so because i wondered how my treatment would work if i was not getting the combination of drugs that the dr said would be best to try and rid me of cancer. After the remainder of treatment i came home and called up a friend who is an oncologist and voiced my concerns, I was told that there were many drugs that they could try. 8 months on i am free of cancer and have my next check up in June, I was stage 3c and it was was very aggressive. I hope this eases your mind, good luck with everything, big hugs


Thank you both. I have taled to the research nurses and I am sticking to my current pattern of chemo. I expect increased premeds and possibly a slower infusion rate.

I was diagnosed stage 3c with CA 125 levels of 11,000 in Sept 2009. I had 3 cyles of carbo platin and Taxol followed by a debulking op to remove uterus, both ovaries and omentum. This was followed by chemo complicated by post op abscesses and hospitalisation for blood transfusions and I/V antibiotics and a further two lots of chemo followed. I was cancer free from march 28 2010 til February but new tumours have appeared on the sites of the abscesses. I actually feel quite well and I have full confidence in the oncology team and the research nurses who are available at all times.


Following on from Nurse Ruth's comments I assumed that everyone on Carbo/Taxol had the same routine and infusions? I have one chemo cycle left (my 7th) I had 4 then de-bulk surgery and now a final 3 and at each one I was given an anti-emetic, an anti-histamine, ranitidine (for stomach) and steroids before the 2 chemo infusions and each one was separated by a saline 'wash'. All takes about 5 hours but it seems worth it to avoid any problems. Is my treatment the norm or have I just been lucky? My CA125 count is down from 2300 to 13 so I'm a happy bunny so far!

hugs from Jan


Your experience seems much like mine except that I got 6 cycles of chemo last year. I responded very well on the whole and I am disappointed to be back on chemo so soon.


Hi, I had 6 sessions of Carbo/taxol last year for what they thought was OC stage 3 with spread to peritoneum only to discover after surgery half way through cause it was reacting so well to the chemo that it was PPC I had. I sailed through it but had to start on session 7, 9 weeks ago, no reaction, session 8 bad reaction to the carboplatin and again yesterday with all the extra pre meds, I have been told I wont be able to have carbo again. What are the alternatives, I will have to wait until I see Oncologist to find out, we are all a bit worried now.



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