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Radiation enteritis


My mum had ovarian cancer a long time ago and has been clear for a few years. She now has a severe form of radiation enteritis and has lost too much weight . Can anyone offer any tips on how to manage this side effect please? She is so grateful for the treatment but was radiated in the wrong place and her bowels are really affected and she vomits every day

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Hi Heidif,

I'm really sorry to hear this. My Dad has suffered for 3 years with this following radiotherapy.

In the first instance it is essential that your Mum discusses this with her oncologist. There is a lot that can be done to help.

There is a totally BRILLIANT doctor at the Royal Marsden called Jervoise Andreyev. See here:

Although my Dad didn't see him (he lives abroad) I have spoken to Dr Andreyev a few times about him, and he is very helpful and understanding. What is more he is passionate about improving peoples quality of life and has some amazing results. I'm not sure where you live, but if for some reason you cant get your Mum down to him, do let me know as he has written several excellent publications / How to manage guidelines, which could be shared with a local gastroenterologist.

Please send your Mum our best wishes, and let her know that in most cases this can be significantly improved.

Good luck!

Louise x


Hi Louise

Thank you so much for your quick and very helpful reply.

The Dr sounds fantastic ,very skilled and apt.

:owever,we live in bristol.

Do you think there is any way that either us or our GP could have access to the papers on management ?

Mum no longer has an oncologist and is not under any specialist/consultant

Than you again for you help



Hi Heidi,

Even though you live in Bristol, your Mums GP can refer her to Dr Andreyev, however it may be that she would prefer to go to a local gastroenterologist, in which case the GP can arrange that.

Even though your Mum no longer has an oncologist, you can always speak to the Clinical Nurse specialist, and chat it through with her. She may have a recommendation as to who your Mum should be referred to.

You can see the latest guidelines here:

Lots of the tests recommended are quite specialized, so would need to be done in hospital, but it will point your GP in the right direction.

Good luck!



Hi Louise

I really appreciate your help

Mum saw her GP today and is being referred to a gastroentologist

So we are now going in the right direction

Thank you again



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