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Compression garment

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I'm not sure what type of compression garment to buy, having. Full hysterectomy and removal of the momentum, they are cutting me from Belly button down to my pubic bone. Not sure which to buy and can't find the correct information.

Thank you. Angela.

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Hi Angela

I had a full hysterectomy in December 2021 with a cut from above my belly button down to my pubic bone. I didn’t get compression underwear (it wasn’t mentioned). I wore “granny pants” a size bigger than normal with soft waistband yoga trousers. I also bought some pull on sports bras. I wore nighties to sleep in while I was in hospital. Wear comfortable clothes but be prepared to be up and walking the day after your operation. Also be prepared to wear compression socks day and night for a couple of weeks. Make sure you ask for a couple of pairs at the hospital.

I don’t think compression garments are needed after this op (I could be wrong but maybe you’re confusing it with a hernia op). I didn’t have a compression garment after my debulking. drawstring trousers are a godsend. Hard to find though - Gap sometimes makes them. Basically you’ll want to avoid clothes that create pressure against your tummy like jeans so loose/baggy clothes are best.

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Rosebine2 in reply to Errin45x

I actually did buy a n abdominal "brace" as someone on here mentioned I should use it after surgery. Its like a wrap round garment with velcro. I wore it once, it was so uncomfortable and ditched it ! Just bought some Sloggi control pants

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Errin45x in reply to Rosebine2

Ah ok. I can’t imagine wearing something like that after debulking! Sounds awful.

Thank you.

Hi Angela I had the debaulking surgery and have the lovely scar down from my breasts to the pubic bone too.. No one mentioned compression wear and I just wore normal underwear - it never crossed my mind to do anything else..I would definitely not have wanted anything "pushing" on my stomach though so I would check with your team before buying anything. I was lucky not to get a hernia afterwards but then I took it very easy. Good luck with your op xx

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Angela200969 in reply to TMiPP

Thank you.

You really don’t need compression underwear, they’d be so uncomfortable on your wound, just big pants are needed. Take care ❤️Xx Jane

Thank you.

Hi Angela,

I had an incision from below my breasts to my pubic bone the hospital didn't offer a binder actually didn't even mention it, I got one on Amazon, worked like a charm not the same surgery but a friend of mine recently had an umbilical hernia repair same area as yours will be she got a binder from Amazon for that specific area that really helps with the pain upon movement I would ask your surgeon actually the debulking at least for me was pretty easy to handle on the other hand my hernia repair surgery hurt a lot worse!

Thank you.

Thank you.

I bought compression pants when I had my op, but in fact never wore them. I bought large harvest festival knickers and felt that I didn't want anything tight and restrictive in that area.


In france you get them from a pharmacy. You want an abdominal brace to wear at least 3 months post op

I had full debulking surgery and removal of omentum and spleen.I had a compression garment, it was really useful when sitting up or getting up. The physio encouraged it for the first few days. Only for the early days. Its a wrap around elasticated garment that fastens with velcro.It can stop you getting a hernia after surgery. Any medical shop or amazon should have it. I recommend it, it made me feel secure when sitting or standing.

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Angela200969 in reply to Veria

Thank you.

I was cut from top of rib cage to pubic bone.Never heard of compression garments.I would imagine they must be very uncomfortable and could slow down the healing process.

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meaty in reply to mrstadpole

same here I can't even cope with bed covers on mine .and can only wear loose dresses .5 weeks today post op .I can't ever imagine wearing a bra again for a long time . .

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Angela200969 in reply to meaty

Thank you.

Thank you

Hi Angela,

After eight weeks I still can’t wear pants comfortably or anything but knickers on my scar and mines from breast to pubic bone honesty dresses and nighties have been a god send whenever I’ve tried to wear anything over it I last about half a day and they have to come off it’s too uncomfortable so I couldn’t imagine trying to wear a compression garment over it. I also got some wireless pull on bras and they were great.

Thank you.

Hi Angela/ I had this op last year/ And my team of surgents told me NO to compression garments. They body and muscles have to recover and spring back on its own/ Only compression stockings aloud. Good luck and all the best / You be all right. ))

Thank you.

Hello Angela I have just had a big debulking operation with hysterectomy, omentectomy and also a reconstruction of an area of my abdominal wall, where I had a tumour. This involved the plastic surgeon who said I should wear a compression garment for several weeks post surgery. It wad supplied by the physiotherapist, so you might be able to get some information from your hospital physio. It’s actually not uncomfortable to wear, and does offer some support when moving around. The reconstruction was the reason I have to wear it, I haven’t heard it’s necessary unless you are having some sort of reconstruction.

Hope this helps


This k you.

Hi, I too thought we needed something but was advised against getting anything. I walked to get fit for surgery and this helped me, all the best to you with your forthcoming surgery xx

Thank you.

Hi Angela, you have had plenty of good replies from all the ladies so I just want to wish you all the best on the 9th with your op I am sure you are anxious about it but you will get through it, it will take time so be kind to yourself. It feels like a distant memory for me now as I had my op in Feb 2019. Please let us know how your doing when you are feeling up to it Xx

Thank you. Everyone have been amazing. X

Just confirming most of posts regarding your query. I am over 5 years from similar surgery with removal of womb ovaries omentum and major scar to pubic bone. Just wear comfy underwear and on advice of surgeon from Christies massage the scar after couple of weeks with bio oil and do that for a while, I did it for few months and had no problems. Good luck

Thank you. X

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