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Ovarian metastatic cancer stage 4

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My mom has diagnosed with ovarian metastatic cancer stage 4 b.

We have just started treatment for her.

Kindly give some help regarding this

I want to make her happy

She is afraid of it still haven't declared her about the severity of the disease.

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Hello, if I were you I would not tell her the stage until she asks. I was stage 4 in 2015 and operated on a need to know basis. Tell her that I am still here and well 6 years later, my initial treatment was successful and so was my treatment for a recurrence in 2020. Best wishes xx

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Trickysite in reply to Lyndy

Well done, Lyndy, and thanks for posting! I am 4b and have just finished first round of carbotaxol and op. Awaiting first scan result.

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VinothR in reply to Trickysite

Wishing you for your recovery and God will bless you

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Nicky100 in reply to Lyndy

That’s an incredible story. Thank you x

Have no choice but to pull through and be strong! Many women live many years pass their stage 4 diagnosis.

Diagnosed 4b in 2018. On that time I have had Two different groups of chemo plus 18 x Avastin and so far 5 months on Niraparib parb inhibitor. Could not have op due to cancer spreading onto liver and spleen in addition to the aeortic lymph nodes peritoneal and omentum but I am still here and enjoying my life you just have to adjust your expectations plan to do everything but only do what you can do on the day. Your body tells you. Fatigue is tough and you cant fight it.Wishing your mum luck stay positive for her she's lucky to have you to support her that will help her a lot. I have no mum or daughter that would be comforting.

Hi. If they have told you and your Mum she is treatable I would use that as your main point of positive reference. I know for me with a Stage 4C that was my lifeline. I wasn't written off as 'too far gone ' to treat and that's good enough. Give her chance to process her diagnosis. My oncologist, at time of diagnosis, stressed that every patient is unique and so are their responses to both the treatment and the disease. It was a shock when I saw on a letter that my treatment is 'palliative' as I had always thought that was treatment you recieved at the end. That was two years ago so my interpretation was wrong. There is a drive to use the term 'living with' cancer rather than 'dying from' and there lots of ladies here who are a testament to that. You know your Mum best so be guided by your instinct as to how much she can cope with you telling her and when. Sending you support and positivity.x

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NYClady in reply to Tillymint61

I like the term “living with cancer”. That’s very motivating.

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Erinna72 in reply to NYClady

Also , I always say ‘I’m dealing with the problem- not ‘fighting’ it’. Fighting is such a negative word I think.

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Trickysite in reply to Erinna72

Agree. Don’t like fighting or battle. Or anything that implies it is all about a state of mind. Being calm helps you and those around you to enjoy life. It gives you a better quality of life. But getting stressed does not mean you will do worse simply because you are stressed. Speaking as one who was diagnosed with breast cancer 20 years ago in the same month she learnt her husband was in an affair and her 35 year marriage was over. Stressed.Moi? You can say so! Nonetheless, did brilliantly and no return of breast cancer. Now dealing with Oc. Good luck to all on this website.

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Cher96 in reply to Tillymint61

Very wise advice.

I can’t add further to what’s been written. Have a look on the Ovacome website at some of the stories plus the information on there too. If you need to chat to the support and advice line you could email them or phone them Vinoth. You might need to speak more to the doctor treating your Mum as you have more questions to ask. Do you have support at home ? I am just so sorry that you’re feeling so desperate. I hope you get the answers you need and the support.

Hi there, I have just had this diagnosis too and have started chemo a few days, carboplatin, taxol and avastatin. I am a newbie to all this so dont have much value to add for you at this point other than to say that as i am going through my journey and find anything thats useful and helpful I will let you know. Take courage from the other postings from those further down the line. best wishes to you and your mum..x

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Nicky100 in reply to Lochawe

Please do pm me if you need any advice or just a chat x

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Lochawe in reply to Nicky100

Thank you👍x

Whare are you from Vinoth.You now have very good treatments for OVCA.if not curable,atleast you can keep treating it as some life style disease.

I am from tamilnadu india

I’m living with stage 4 metastatic ovarian cancer since 2017, had a lung resection followed by chemo and avastin which took me to No measurable evidence of disease, I’m now on treatment for a recurrence but I’m doing well, stay positive for your mum and help her to enjoy each day. Make adaptable plans and get out and make happy memories xx

Sorry to hear about your mum, difficult one that.Depends on how you think she would handle the news. I would want to know everything but that's just me xx

Sorry to hear of your mom Vinoth. Everyone is different and there is no one-sized timeline, just keep up the hope and positive spirit.

My mum was diagnosed with stage 4b high-grade serous carcinoma in July 2018, BRCA negative. She has been on constant monitoring and near-constant chemo cycles since diagnosis due to multiple recurrences in the lymph nodes, but so far has tolerated the treatments very well. I think that is because she was in perfect health before the diagnosis, and by that I mean within a healthy weight, no diabetes, no high blood pressure, no heart disease, no kidney disease, etc.

Chemo takes a toll on the systems over time, but she still lives on her own and drives herself to appointments multiple days each week, and feels good except for tiredness.

Hi Vinoth. We've lived in Madras all.of our lives and now settled in Gujarat . My wife was diagnosed 3C PPC in Dec 2015 and I've been a member on this SO VERY ENCOURAGING SITE since then. Debulking was followed by Chemo and more chemo later, here we are living our New Normal.

Stay strong mentally and try and keep.her as occupied as possible. Fatigue is a fall out of chemo and she's got to take it in her stride. All will be well , just keep her cheerful and a good Onco is a must. You have not clarified her line of treatment as suggested by the Doctor.

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