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Waiting time

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Hi ladies

Sister diagnosed with oc and peritoneal 12 weeks ago and now awaiting bowel biopsy. No treatment has been started which seems a long time since the diognise. Or does this seem right? Has anyone else waited this long or longer? Tia x

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Hi Sorry to hear this,I think I waited about 2months from diagnosis to starting chemo.Do you know what the treatment plan is? I was told there was waiting list for chemo at my nearest hospital,I couldn’t believe it! I just assumed you would start the following week or something.

Three months does seem a long time though.

Please keep calling the cns and making a nuisance of yourself,it’s not acceptable to be left in limbo for this length of time.

Best of luck x

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Skyp in reply to Lovedogs41

Hi lovedogs hope all going well for you. All they have said is hopefully chemo if cancer same in bowel ovaries etc.... Yes I agree get in touch with cns. She shouldn't be left like this. Plus keeps vomiting xx

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Lovedogs41 in reply to Skyp

No she should definitely not be left for too much longer bless her,it’s the mental torture of having to wait which the doctors don’t appreciate either.I would keep calling oncology and if you don’t get anywhere,have you got a good GP that could help you? xx

I had to wait 3 months from diagnosis until first chemo.. I was alreadystage 4b. Oc had spread to my stomach and the gastric team did not have right tool when they tried first endoscopy and so that test took 4-6 weeks before successfully reached. Nevertheless, now done 6 carbotaxol and big op with CT scan forthis week. Keep pushing for chemo but don’t fret too much about time lag.

That does seem rather long time to wait, wonder if this is to do with the backlog of cases and diagnosed due to covid that is impacting you, I would get your CNS and GP to see what the issue is treatment time, just keep pushing them and if your having any issues keep on reporting it no matter how slight the pain is. Good luck.

I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis of PPC. I was diagnosed with this three years ago and began chemo the next week. PPC is very aggressive, so I would keep calling someone until you get the proper treatment!

Glad to say sister has a appointment next week with oncologist. They deciding whether to do chemo then hysterectomy or hysterectomy first. At last something is happening x

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