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Worried sick

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I had my CT scan and blood test for CA125 today. I see the oncologist tomorrow having relapsed after 10 years. Currently on Niraparib maintenance. Really disappointed to see NICE decision too so not a good day. Sorry so pessimistic today.

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Wow… 10 years! You have done so well but I suppose that means this recurrence has come as a horrible shock. As with your original diagnosis, it should get easier once you have a plan. I am not going to say don’t worry… you will anyway but I hope you get some answers quickly and get on to treatment so that you can look forward xx

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ritabon in reply to Lyndy

How kind of you Lyndy I'm such a wuss. Thank you for this.

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Mammi in reply to ritabon

Certainly not a wuss , must have been a terrible shock after 10 yrs .Well you obviously responded well 10yrs ago so no reason why you shouldn’t again 🤗 What was your stage & grade at first diagnosis? Get through the treatment, you’ve done it before! Then set your sights on the next 10 years, you’re amazing 😊Sending hugs Dee x

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ritabon in reply to Mammi

Grade 3, Stage 1c. Apparently now 4a - bummer! Thanks Mammi what an inspiring message.

Wow. Congrats on 10 years something we all hope for. Let's hope your luck continues but whatever you will find a way forward. Hugs from paris

Know how you feel mine came back after 18 years, it is such a huge shock one I have struggled to cope with . I read the posts on here and realise how lucky Ive been but still very hard. I have had more chemo which knocked bone mets on head but low activity in lymph nodes. Parp didnt work for me so start six sessions of carboplatin tomorrow. Am thinking of you x

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ritabon in reply to Lizzieanne

Oh lizzieanne I'm so very sorry to hear this. A club that none of us want to belong to....I wish you every good fortune and thank you for your message. I'm thinking of you. Rita xxx

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Lizzieanne in reply to ritabon

Thank you x

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Realistic in reply to Lizzieanne

God bless, your yet another amazing Lady. Good luck with your treatment and heres to the next 18 years wow just fantastic. Things & treatmentHave certainly improved ,you rule cancer it doesn't rule you and you can do it again. Sending love & hugs SheilaFxxx

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Lizzieanne in reply to Realistic

Thank you x

I was diagnosed in 2019 ,same as you grade 3 stage 1c so keeping fingers crossed for those 10 years ☺️.They keep telling me I’m likely to be cured but just time would be good! You take care.Dee X

10 years how amazing are you, please don't despair. You've done absolutely amazing and will again things are improving all the time. You can do this your an inspiration to us all. Hopefully get the right treatment for you and put you on the road too recovery once more. Here's to your next 10 years. Love & hugs SheilaFxxx

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Dear ritabon,

I'm sorry to read how worried you are feeling. I can see that you have had many supportive comments from members of the forum already. If it would help to talk things through or if there is any information that would be helpful for you, please do get in touch with us. We are here to support you. You can contact us through this forum, by calling 0800 008 7054 or by emailing support@ovacome.org.uk.

Best wishes,


Support Services

Let’s wait to see what the doctor says. Thinking of you

You Are stronger than you feel right now !Ten years is amazing , raise a glass to another ten

years . Remember the words of Winston Churchhill , Never , never , never give in !!!

Sending you healing thoughts across the pond .

Gill , Mookie Fox 1234

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