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Bit chuffed

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Just had phone consult with yet another new consultant, who seems very nice,and my CA125 is now 12, - after last chemo but before surgery it was 57! One more chemo to go then Niraparib, which Im a bit wobbly about given various posts on here, also im BRCA negative. Anyhoo, I think I might open the expensive bottle of wine I mistakenly bought ! Cheers

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Great news! Enjoy the wine! X

Great news Rosebine, will join you with a virtual 🍷Dee X

What good news. Enjoy your wine!


Absolutely great news your doing great, and you must definitely open that wine. Dont take it back 😅🤣enjoy. Love & hugs SheilaF xxx

Yep it’s definitely time for wine enjoy xxxx and congratulations xxx

Great news 🍷cheers x

Yeah ! Wonderful news !Hoping the wine is already drunk !XXX

I’m more than a bit chuffed for you rosebine ☺️ Great to share good news with us all. Thank you. I’m also BRCA negative & been on Niraparib since last Summer. I started on the highest dose of 300mg each day which was too harsh for me so oncologist lowered it to 200mg ( this dose didn’t suit me either). So, since September 2020 I’ve been on 100mg per day. This is much more tolerable & I’m doing well at present.

I’m sure you & your oncologist will find the best dose for you.

What is good, you get monthly blood tests on Niraparib so you feel like they’re keeping a close eye on you.

Onwards & upwards.

Thanks again with love xx

That's wonderful news

Wonderful news enjoy your wine 🍷

Wonderful news enjoy your wine 🍷

Good news enjoy the wine!

Congratulations on the consultant and the CA125. Who knew numbers would become so important. Cheers xx

Great news hope you enjoyed the wine xx

Brilliant news , celebrate wildly.Cheryl x

Great news🍷Cheers. Hope the PARP does it's job. Jackie

Get the wine quaffed before embarking on the PARP ! Just saying !But really pleased all going well . Onwards !


Brilliant news. I’m BRAC negative too and paribs have worked for me for over a year.

Cheers 🥂

What ! Can you not drink on a PARP! Disaster !!

Brilliant news rosebine ...and cheers when you open that bottle.

I can only imagine that wine went down well! Great news!

Pop that cork! This is great news! ❤️

Great news and enjoy your glass of wine. Cheers! 😊

That’s great news! Don’t worry too much about Niraparib til you try it. You can always dose reduce. Xx

Well done dear. Excellent news. I am on Niraparib (200) and feel really well. I took it at night for first 2 months and suffered from insomnia. Got four hours of decent sleep and then wide awake. Now I take it after breakfast and insomnia not so bad. Was warned of nausea but nothing so far. Keep doing what you are doing. Wish my CA125 was half as good. Best wishes x

Hi Rosebine enjoy every moment. You and I share the same number before surgery and chemo. Ca started to go up from 2 . 4 months ago started to go over the magic 35 to 50 then down to 44 never below. Kept telling physicians something is going on. Kept putting off until now had pet scan showed up like a Christmas tree in my lymph nodes but so far not on any organs! Now they want to biopsy the lymph node to see if cancer has mutated from original. Not too thrilled on the biopsy…. Starting chemo again second carbo/ doxil I guess it’s called calyex in the UK. CA 125 is at 64 higher than when I was diagnosed with stage 3c. So my CA does not rise tremendously with the progression but does rise.Miffed that we should probably started treatment earlier

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