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Hello ladies,

I hope that you are all keeping as well as you can and that you have been enjoying this recent sunshine.

I had my telephone Consultation today and my CA 125 has gone up 2 points,so a little disappointed. I am wondering though has it been affected by the Pfizer jab as I had the second one on the 12 March. Anyway I was told it would have to double before there might be a problem.

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HiMy CA 125 has fluctuated from between 10 and 16 in the last twelve months , it seems to be holding at12 at the moment 🤞my oncologist has never been concerned about it as it can alter for many reasons. Like you say it’s when it starts to double that it could be a problem.

Thank you for your reply. I suppose I was expecting it to go down to a single figure. It is always nice to know though what happens with others in this situation. I forgot to say that I am on rucaparib. Have a good weekend.

My Ca125 went up 2 points just after the Pfizer jab too. It went up to 19 and has stayed at that.Once it settled down after treatment it's always hovered around 18.


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Caleda4 in reply to Jacky5

I thought it might be that. Thanks for letting me know,as it is interesting.

Hi, I've been told by my onc that CA125 can fluctuate in the same day by 1 or 2 points also the jab could affect it. Hope this helps Sue xx

Ah thanks Sue, these things are quite strange really aren't they, I feel really well in myself which is good.

Mine went down to 8 once, but hovers between 10-12 now! I’ve just used to it and been told it’s a constant/bigger increase that they are watching for! It’s hard but I have relaxed into it now x

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Thank you, I need to relax a bit more over these numbers,for most of the month I am fine and just get on with my life,but a couple of days prior to results I do get wound up.

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Doglover1410 in reply to Caleda4

Me too! For about 2 weeks before!! x

Hi I am very worry about my CA 125. Rise up 1550 from last 2 months. I just don’t understand everybody toking about ct 125 rise buy 2 or 5 points. Why my rise so much?

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