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Inner Circle

I set up an Inner Circle blog after seeing the demonstration at Member's Day. It semed an excellent way of communicating my health developments etc to family and friends and freeing up phone calls and emails to talk about something else. It was also a way of telling people I wasn't in regular contact what was happening with so they didn't hear on the grapevine and then wonder whether they supposed to know or not. It has proved a great success. Even friends and relatives who normally avoid technology unless forced to use it say that it is great - they had been ringing other relatives or friends to find out with what was happening and was it OK to ring us etc. Also friends who haven't been in touch with each other for a while are reconnecting and overseas friends say that they really feel in touch. Also I still feel an active part of my network even though for a while I can't travel or join in usual group events. So if you haven't tried Inner Circle yet do give it a whirl.

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Thanks for the tip Angela - I've just joined the website and I think the Inner Circle application is going to be really helpful over the next months!


Good luck Catherine. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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