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Gemcitabine wiry


Hi ladies I had my first Gemcitabine treatment on Thursday & will be having them weekly for 3 wks. I wondered when I can I expect my white blood count to drop (I previously had monthly chemo and worked on the principal that 5/7 days after treatment my blood count would drop for about a week & then slowly it would rise again) but with weekly treatment I wasn’t sure. I asked my nurse and he said 5/7 days but if that is the case it will be low through all my treatments? Does anyone know a more definitive answer?

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Hi Scotty22

I've been having gemcitabine 2 weeks on, one week off and my bloods have suffered massively throughout. I have filgrastim injections for four days now after each treatment. Last cycle for me coming up Thursday.

Paula xxxx

I’m on my way to clinic so I’ll ask as I’m having weekly cisplatin and Gemcitabine. Would be useful to know. My cycle is two weeks on, one week off so may make a difference. Only had two, and it dropped after one but not frightfully so. Remains to be seen what today’s results are.

Hi Scotty,

I’m on weekly taxol and was wondering the same. In the past I have ended up with filgrastim injections and they have definitely helped my white blood count. I only had to have one delay in my first line chemo, then the injections sorted me out.

I hope your CNS or hospital are able to give you a bit more advice.

Vicki x

I am on cisplatin and gemcitabine 3 weekly cycle with treatments days 1&8 followed by a recovery week. I am injecting filgrastim 3 days from treatment 1 and 5 days from treatment 2 to help keep my white blood cell count up and avoid the next treatment being postponed. I had low neutrophils in my first line of treatment (carbo/Taxol) so this is being prescribed as a preventative measure.

Hope that helps,


My lowest could actually be Day 8 (the day of the second infusion) but it is more likely t be Day 10. Then slowly start to rise again.

I also had Gem twice in the cycle, day one and day . Once or twice day 8 was sent home as white cells too low but it didn't interfere with overall result which was a good response. I didn't get any meds to help my bloods. Just be careful stay away from any family with chicken pox or measles or colds and coughs. Use the hand gel and Dettol wipes and you should be grand

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