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Hi my lovelies,




Dear friend I am very sorry for using this media to contact you, i have prayed and fast before making this decision, just last week the doctor informed me that I have less Than a week to live because of my long cancer sickness, Please understand my health condition is getting worse, i also want you to know that i am a highly spiritual woman who believes in DESTINY so it does not matter the tribe religion country or nationality or age so please feel free and clear all doubts in your mind, i have finally decided to choose you as my next of kin

To help me fulfill my heart desire in using my late husbands funds for charity and humanitarian work, I want you to use the funds for the following reasons

Donating to orphanage homes

Help the widows like me

Help children in the hospital who don’t have no one to pay their bills

Help people affected with war

do not think its a heavy task that you cannot bear,

Ever since i lost my husband i have vowed that i would never have his or my family members control his inheritance because they never liked him even for one bit it went as far as not attending his funeral that's why i had to leave my country and i don't intend to go back i am in Liberia so is my lawyer,please i do not want to go into details because i have vowed to keep the pain and silences in me and let it die with me alone.

Please this whole process for the transfer of $8.3million USD wont take more than a week with the bank, and my lawyer here would try to help you so that everything will work out fast without much complications but please i had vowed to keep this confidential so please i would want this to be just you me and my lawyer; no third party please, i am sorry but this is just the way i want it to be.

I would like you to contact me on my private email which is, i have more to explain to you.

may your days be long and may you and your family dwell in peace


Mrs Sue Saunders

2 hours ago

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Reported it earlier. So annoying, scamming the vunerable.

in reply to Katmal-UK

I know exactly what you mean! Like you ladies don’t have enough to deal with then there are idiots on top! Xxx

Reported it, they must think we are stupid, so fed up with scams in every shape and form 😬

in reply to Caroles1

Couldn’t agree more! Xxx

Thank you for letting us know, where do these evil people come from, I started to read her post and felt so sorry for her or him. We do have to be so careful especially when they ask for private information.

Thank you again I hope you both are ok take care Lorraine xx💙💙

Hi my lovely,

We’re okay thanks. I was gutted to read your post, I hope you can build the strength to get a second opinion xxx

Thanks xx


I reported it too.... but it did also make me wonder about just how easy it seems for someone to join communities within HU and then start sending private messages.

I don't want to feel the world at large, and especially the criminal world at large has easy access to the information we post, thinking we're writing to friends. (think about the number of times people talk about going on holiday, not to mention very very personal stuff).

in reply to Hidden

That’s why I don’t put personal stuff on here, there are a few people who know a bit more information about me and my special person but that’s through private messaging as for the main site I’ll only share relevant information as you never know who is at the other end of the keyboard xxx

Yes I received this

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