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Hi pretty ladies! I am so sorry I’ve been away for so long. It’s difficult sometimes you know... so i wanted to tell each one of you who gave me word of encouragement that my mother has done her 3rd cicle already, I’m SO happy, half way through!!! Only 3 more to go.

So last time I wrote about how bad she responded to her first cicle of chemo, it seems I was wrong and she didn’t receive carboplatin, she received platinium alone which seems to be way more toxic. Thankfully her oncologist changed the drug to carboplatin. I know some of you recommended some pills she could have for nausea and I waned to thank you A LOT! She has tried them and are working perfect. Others recommended that she had to drink A LOT of water in order to stay hidrated, and I told her my british friends from Ovacome were telling me all this stuff and being super supportive with my fears. She says HELLO to everyone and thanks you all for your kind words in my moment of need.

Also, her CA 125 before surgery was 149, after surgery: 40. After her third chemo 19!!!

Thank you all ❤️❤️ LET’S WIN THE BATTLE 💪🏻💪🏻

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Hi there

I must have missed your first post but I am so glad that your Mum is doing so much better. It is brilliant news.

I have two daughters in their twenties and know how much they worry about me. Often I think it is worse for them than for me. Watching what is happening isn’t easy.

I know you are doing a brilliant job for your Mum but do make sure you look after yourself as well because I know your Mum will be worrying about you too!

Sending love to Argentina


Thank you Julia. I know I should start to take care of myself... it’s tough you know.. I am and only child and my mother is my world. But i know she wants for me to start doing my things. So thank you for your advice 💕💕 xoxo


I’m glad your mum is doing so much better now. She’s halfway through, and it sounds like things are going well. I hope the remaining 3 rounds of chemo work well for her.

You’re doing a great job of looking after her too!

Vicki 😊

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Delfosba in reply to Yoshbosh

Thank you Vicki!! 💕💕

SO pleased for your mum & you of course Delfosba!

What a great daughter you are!

Best wishes from south west England!

Linda 🌼❤️🌻

Hi Delfosba,

Glad to year your mum doing so much better. Yes, you also need to look after yourself as well. Thanks for thinking about all the ladies on this site. Gwen xx

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