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Confusing news re borderline ovarian tumour


hi i got told yesterday from the doctors that the tumour itself was non invasive, so does this mean it couldn't have spread, I'm not due to have my ovary and tube removed until October but the tumour is already gone.

thanks girls

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Hi Anisha. Non-invasive is good news.

While it is possible for non-invasive/borderline OC to spread (like in my case) , it's not typical... and even quite rare. I'm guessing that's why the next surgery appointment is still a few weeks away. Don't hesitate to ask your surgeon or oncologist about it either, if you need clarification on anything.

Also: If you google for 'ovacome factsheet borderline' , you should be able to find some useful genetal information. All the best. Maus

I also have a borderline ovarian tumour. The Dr has assured me that it's not invasive and it's more like having abnormal cells in a smear. I had my right tube and ovary removed on 20th June after waiting 6 months for surgery. Hope your surgery goes well x

Pardon my ignorance, but what is non-invasive? Best of my knowledge it's either malignant or benign. If non invasive means benign, it's great news.


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I have been told that non invasive means it is unable to spread, I have another appointment Thursday with my consultant which I will be sure to ask him what this means, I am aware that I was staged at 1a non invasive so hopefully this means that it was only within one ovary and could not spread


Hi. Mine was non invasive apparently but then it spread to my appendix, I was stage 1C. My ovary literally crumbled and fell apart when they went in to remove the tumor. I have recurred since. I have had 4 abdominal surgeries because of it.

Three different gynecological oncologists have told me that I am at a very high recurrence rate and need to be watched carefully/screened for colon and breast cancer as well. I am at a high risk for those cancers because of the borderline ovarian cancer.

Borderline can turn to invasive cancer. It's rare but does happen, so does recurrence. Stay on top of your checks. We know our bodies and when somethings not right. Wishing you the best.

HI Anisha,

Maybe the Support Manager, Anna, at Ovacome on their freephone helpline (0800 008 7054) can help?

Good to ask really is, so don't stop asking.


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