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Dermoid cyst


Just wondering got mri last week told me I had a dermoid cyst 12cms if left ovary then few days later doctor called to say he would like to see me to dmsay I have another one on right ovary obviously I have had these for awhile my bloating looks like I'm about 6months pregnant have had no skeep for a while as I have to wake that many times during the night to go to tolit was that bad last week were I couldn't go urinate I went to a&e didn't stay full time in hospital left after 4hours as waiting time was to long I'm so tired lately with really bad back pain pain in groin and pain in lsfs got referred urgently gynecologist but still waiting its 2weeks ago does anyone else have there's pains and hoe long more should I be waiting on gynecologist appointment and what operation would I have to get thanks

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