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Wow, love this site. So many have replied to me, I will respond to each of you.

When I read through my post again it didn't quite make sense?! I had omentum/ spleen etc removed in March 2017, looked like I was saying I had it returned there? It may be just me, as I am a bit stressed?! It's just my peritoneal cavity that is showing a lot of activity, although my liver lesion has worsened. My Oncologist said it's also showing up in a muscle, it was where I had a drain inserted after my big operation last year. Have any of you had that happen? I must find out what my CA125 is now, it was 26 but I forgot to ask what it was on 15th May, that was when I got the news about all this.

Love the jokes . . . just to clear a few points up. My dog is a girl Poppy a 5 year old Bichon Frise / Lhasa Apso cross. Delboy was my previous same breed dog, who I lost aged 15, loved him to bits. I adore dogs, they know when your feeling bad. Poppy stays by my side when I'm unwell, so loyal & loving. I had dark brown hair before but it's turned white & curly so the jokes do fit me, but I don't have a "wet nose" haha??!! (taken Xmas) xx

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Lovely post! Nice to ‘meet’ you properly.

I have two cats (huge cat lover here!), and one of them is your typical aloof feline who has everything on his terms. The only time he sits on my lap and is constantly by my side is when I am sick. I’ve been monitoring his behaviour closely of late, as I am suspected to be on the brink of a recurrence, and nothing yet...phew 😅

Vicki x

delboy4me in reply to Yoshbosh

My sister bred Birmans, so I love cats too. Animals do seem to sense when you are "unwell" don't they. Good luck hope the remission stays a good while longer. Pauline xx

Hi lovely, welcome to our lovely gang, it’s really lovely to meet you too.

My fluffy grand dog 🐶 was very intrigued with my ‘smell’ when I was diagnosed and also throughout the treatment, she is now back to her usual cupboard love self, she knows ‘grandma’ usually has treats so is my best friend until they’ve all been digested then it’s back to sleeping, walkies and lots of sniffing. I take lots of comfort from her not sniffing me intently but if she starts again it’s right back to the oncologist for me. There is a school of thought currently that believes dogs can ‘diagnose’ a cancer before doctors can and dogs are being trained to sniff them out (the cancers not the doctors 😂).

I hope you are able to get all the medical answers you need very soon. It’s good you’re being monitored closely.

Take lots of care of you and your fluffy friend. ❤️Xx Jane

delboy4me in reply to Cropcrop

Thanks for the welcome Jane, it seems a great group, so glad I found it. It's given me hope & a comfort to know I can chat with others that "understand". Dogs have a remarkable sense of smell don't they, but yes a big worry when they start sniffing you. I'm ready to give this next round of treatment all I've got. No good sitting there feeling sorry for yourself is there, got to "fight the fight"?!! Good luck & you take care too. Pauline xx

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