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Grief Resource Online

Grief Resource Online

Hi everyone,

Just want to share a website resource that I found online about grief and how to support oneself or others through it. It's by a lady named Doña Bumgarner. I haven't listened to all her podcasts so I'm not sure of the quality of the rest of her material but in her first podcast she makes a good point that in our culture today, specifically in our western society, we don't like to speak of grief and often times try to fast forward through those emotions. It appears that she offers ways to feel, to cope, nurture and experience grief and loss.

This can be useful for anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one, or loss of any kind including loss of a lifestyle, your old self, divorce, etc. If you're interested I've posted 2 links below. The introduction on grief is the second link. Again just wanted to share.

Stay well everyone and take good care.


*Grief Podcast 1:

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I’m a bereavement counsellor and although not working now totally agree that some people don’t like to discuss grief. I do think over the last few years as a society we have got better

The biggest hurdle I had was people coming for Therapy because someone else thought they should. Coming too soon.

I don’t know this therapist but will have a listen thanks for sharing

LA xx

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That's an admirable line of work, very cool that you have been able to support people that way. It's an interesting topic to me because lately I've been reflecting on loss and grief. This lady mentioned the way society has lost grieving customs such as being excused from attending social functions, wearing dark clothes, nurturing yourself, etc. It resonated with me because I realized that I do these things too when I'm feeling some type of loss and that it's actually okay and healthy. Well thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences about this.

Take good care :-)



Sounds like just what I need. Hope podcasts is enlightening in this overwhelming journey of grief.

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I recently heard of this website as another resource -


Just want to add, I understand that a website is not the be all to dealing with grief. I am not an expert. I just see various posts on here and just wish to help a bit.


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