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Genome Project

Yesterday I was at Hammersmith Hospital to see the oncologist. I'd been contacted by Imperial Health (Charing Cross, Hammersmith hospital) and asked if I would donate blood so they could run my DNA to have a look at any mutations for this project. They aim to collect a million donations from cancer victims, particularly Ovarian cancer; what they're hoping for the future is that they may be able to predict from various non genetic and genetic mutations in the DNA whether someone is now vulnerable to getting cancer, and try to take evasive action before it actually happens, or otherwise, at a much earlier stage.

I am, so far, the only one with non small cell neuroendocrine ovarian cancer to contribute to the project, so they were particularly pleased with me for agreeing to go ahead; which I did, yesterday, in the hope it might be useful to others in future. I've no idea if other hospitals are part of the same project, but I certainly feel its worth contributing if you're able to, the more research and knowledge about this horrible disease the better.

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Good for you, J,

I am being treated at the RUH in Bath, but our MDT consults with Bristol also.

When I went for my surgery, the lovely surgeon asked if I wanted to be part of the Genome project and of course I was thrilled to contribute.

They gave me loads of easy to fill out forms and info. From the surgeon, I understood that he would take tissue samples as well.

I have a normal high grade 3C serous carcinoma of Ovarian or uterine origin, but I know I am filled with loads of mutations affecting my blood, so I would like to find out what else is going on and if my tissue can help diagnose somebody in the future of add to our knowledge and research, I am all for it!

Hope you are healing well.

Kind regards,



Oh yes, I forgot about the tissue samples - they've got samples already which they can use obtained from my surgery, all I had to do was give permission.


Hi j,

I was also asked if I would be willing to be part of the 100 000 Genome Project when I had my surgery in June last year at Cheltenham Hospital. It seems a good project - offering possible additional information for us & for future generations. Apparently it was set up by David Cameron (after his son died) & the laboratory is in Cambridge.



I'm part of it too. :-)


I applied to do this but they said I was unsuitable and rejected my genes out of hand.


Did they explain why? I think I recall them telling me that they were only interested in including you in the project if you are negative for all the currently known genes.


Hi, I am taking part in this as well. Nicky


Yes I'm part of this through my Cambridge hospital - a great initiative! It's too much to hope for that we will benefit but I'm happy to do it for future generations. Gina


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