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Married & starting the Rotterdam regime

Hi I’m smiling and feeling good after my wedding. Thank you all for taking time to wish us well. I love it when you post about holidays, making special days or enjoying the world for one reason - and I go the chance to say I was balancing the great with the crap with my wedding.

Today Tom went to work and I went to hospital (with my sis) and started the Rotterdam regimen to see if I can stabalise.

I’m borderline platinum sensitive but as s low grader I don’t get a good chemo response.

I choose between 3 chemo regimens and didn’t Chose the easiest. As a low grader I spoke to the profs g in Houston or Scotland to help me .

The choice was:


Cisplatin weekly

Cisplatin weekly and ectoposide - Rotterdam.

All good. no data to say which is best. It’s all whether I’m really platinum insensitive reducing chance to respond. So I’m doing Rotterdam with ectoposide just in case.

This time unlike primary chemo. I supporting with complementary lifestyle, immunity support, hyperthermia to try & improve increase response. Any ideas to add especially for low graders or low responders are most welcome

Will keep you posted! Must try and sleep now jane x

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Hi Jane and congratulations to you both..also seen your beautiful pic. You are a beautiful young woman who should not have to join our club but we are all here for you. I am not a low grader but low responder. I have done the Rotterdam Regime and it is very harsh but had a good response to it. When i did this regime I had to stay overnight at the hospital. Will you be staying overnight? You will suffer from fatigue much more than any other of the treatments offered to us but hopefully you will have a very good result. I am stage 3c diagnosed in 2008 and have been having chemo for 10 years (7 lines). If I can help in any way please just ask. Sending positive vibes, a virtual hug and peace your way xx


Hi Linda thanks. I think I’m both a low grader and low responder. Heartening to know that you went thru the original regime and survived to tell the tail. I was in hospital overnight last week but will now have it as a day case. It’s given over a much shorter time now. The tiredness has been something else but hampered by steroids stopping sleep too. Luckily I haven’t had nausea yet. I take the long acting and stronger ondansetron but also metocloprimide as that helps stimulate my gut as I’ve just had obstruction so that’s helping. It was an awful day in the NW today but we drove up to New Brighton Wallasey and along thru hoylake. You have to get out there!

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Lucky not to have nausea but should you suffer from it in the future let them know and they will give you a different one. Are you taking movicol for constipation which is prescribed for most on chemo? I also took metoclopramide as well. Oh them but the lack of sleep is too much...thankfully not for long just a few days then you should be sleeping for England lol! Well good for you getting out's been snowing here but drove my friend home after us having a girly weekend at mine watching films and eating cream tea...delicious but usually a no no for me. I'm really into super foods, smoothies and juicing. Keep us up to date xLindax


Movicol.... absolutely. It’s always in my glass of water! And yes because they want me on low fibre, my slow juicer is out to get in my lovely greens etc, that’s courtesy of my hubby who does the juicing for me. I love my soups too.

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Hi Jane, Now back to kicking this cancer, I don't know about the Rotterdom treatment but have had experience with Caelyx as a single agent 3 line treatment and just finished 8 rounds of carbo/caelyx as 5 line with good results as you know we all react to chemo so differently.

I hope your choice of treatment gives you the results you want...take care Lorraine xx

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