I danced all night. If anyone wanted to see the bride, she found on the dance floor ! Thank you for all your congratulations x

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  • Congratulations and much love. You look beautiful x

  • Lovely picture. Congrats


  • ❤️❤️❤️ Fabulous! Huge congratulations. I hope the feet aren’t too sore today 😊 xxx

  • ❤️❤️❤️ Wonderful ❤️❤️❤️ good luck to you xxxx

  • Many congratulations to you both . 🍾🍾

    Fantastic photo, you look beautiful and so happy . Glad you danced the night away .😀

    Love Kim x 💜

  • Beautiful picture - many congratulations!

  • Beautiful, just beautiful 🥂❤️Xx Jane

  • Fabulous and you both look so happy.

  • Beautiful photo, many congratulations ❤️

  • Lovely lovely photo 😍😍

  • You look absolutely glowing and so,so happy and long may it last. I wish you everything you would wish for yourself and more besides. Love Chris

  • You look amazing! 😁🎉 All the best!! Christina xx

  • You look fabulous congratulations. Hoping for happy times ahead for you.

    Love Maureen xx

  • Best wishes and good luck, for now,the future,and always xx

  • You look amazing - congratulations x

  • What a wonderful happy photograph. Wishing you both much joy, love and happiness together xx

  • Congratulations. What a handsome couple. 🥂 xxx

  • Congratulations, you look so lovely. I am full of admiration for you & hope that all will be well for you in the future.xxxx

  • Congratulations! What a handsome couple!💖

  • You look stunning and you and your husband look sooo happy. Much love xx

  • Love this. Many many congratulations.

    Much love 💕💕💕

  • Beautiful, many congratulations 💞💞💞

  • Congratulations you look wonderful xx

  • Lovely photo - congratulations!

  • Hi, You do look lovely and of course your handsome husband, I hope you both have many happy years to love each other Lorraine xx🎉🎉

  • Wonderful! Wishing you all the happiness in the world! 🎉🥂🍾

  • Congrats 💐🍀

  • You both look so radiant, picture has definitely caught your love and happiness for each other. Once again congratulations. Xx

  • Beautiful picture. Congratulations x

  • As so many have said you look stunning, happy and I wish you both much joy! Great to see. Xxx Netti xx

  • So very pleased for you both. Happiness shining out of your photo. Many, many Congratulations. You look as though your're in your twenties.

    Good Luck with your treatment, love to you both, xx😊xx

  • Lovely photo, you look amazing. Congratulations. very best wishes, Jo xx

  • Congratulations!!!! What a beautiful photo!! Kim xx

  • Absolutely brilliant!! What a beautiful photo! Congratulations!!! Nicky x

  • Nicky if you are in a ‘well enough’ window, you could just do it too! It’s lovely bringing people you care about together. We loved our ceremony. No one else existed in that for us (civil and a blessing) but it was nice to also celebrate. Hope you are ok. I know it’s up and down for us all.

  • We have hopefully found a 'well enough' window now too! In April if all is OK (fingers crossed).

    Did you have quite a relaxed day? How many people came?

  • Arghh I wrote a reply yesterday and never posted it. We were beautifully relaxed, I ignored things that weren’t quite as planned, from the moment the day started to keep to our aim about relishing our day. Eg chairs arrived in wrong colour, florist didn’t line aisle with petals but dribbled around candles, dessert was changed. Our dream was to have people we loved & cared about us in the room from start to finish, no evening guests. Uplifting room to marry in with view of countryside, great food, lots of dancing. A happy day.

    So enjoying your planning - lots of decisions. A girlfriend helped me and placed some orders for me. And stick to what you and your fiancée want and your day will be brill too. And have u thought about, without impinging in your day to PR it. Doesn’t have to disrupt it but getting some media coverage might help fund raising. A photo and a story after the fact. Christina patient marries.... who privately paid treatment has helped .... great example of how integrating holistic cancer care extends lives xxx good luck. My friend married in Cyprus.... wonderfully beautiful, relaxed meal and dancing. And easier on the pocket too x

  • Oh wow thank you... I will pm you a reply xxxx

  • Beautiful ❤️ Congratulations xx

  • Such a great photo and smile--on you both! Congratulations! ox

  • Lovely picture. You look beautiful and very happy. Congratulations.


  • Congratulations! You look amazing! So beautiful.. ❤️

  • How very gorgeous! Congratulations again! Xxxx

  • beautiful couple, congratulations wishing you all the happiness and all the good luck you need

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