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Six month checkup

I am off to my first six month checkup today. Feeling positive about it but have been feeling tired recently and still have a little pain from time to time between the ribs. I am wondering if it is scar tissue although my operation was back in October 2015. Does anyone else have this feeling near the ribs? Sometimes feels like there is a boulder there.

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I have had discomfort in my ribs since my operation in October 2016. I’m not sure I could describe it as a boulder though! I still have to prepare myself to sneeze and sometimes have to stop sneezing because I know it will hurt!

I hope the check up goes well, I’m sure your team will put your mind at rest about any worries - I write a list so I don’t forget anything, although sometimes I think I can see their hearts sink when I get my iPad out!

Best wishes, Ali x


Good luck xx


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