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Long cancer

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Hey y’all im new to this (not cancer ) I’ve been battle the last 7 years I had my first Diagnosis with testicular cancer ..... then my second what is secular cancer and also my third with Long cancer just out of curiosity a couple months back I got diagnosed with pneumonia and when I went to the G.I. doctor the other day they did a couple of tests and I can’t remember what it was called but he asked if they ever test the fluid for cancer do y’all know anything about that??

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Hi there. Sorry to hear about your diagnoses. One is bad enough but three is shocking. This particular forum (Ovacome) is generally used by people affected by ovarian cancer. Is that why you’re asking your question on here, because your question is related to abdominal fluid? Or the lungs? Sorry, I can’t quite tell....

Certainly with ovarian cancer many women have fluid in heir abdomen known as ascites which is tested for cancer cells. And when we have our major operation known as debulking surgery, “washings” are often taken from the peritoneal cavity. If fluid is found around the lungs (known as a pleural effusion) it is also often tested — several types of fluid could be found here (serous/blood/pus/chyle) and this would generally be an abnormal finding.

I don’t know if this helps.... if not, perhaps go back to the Health Unlocked home page and try and find sites a bit more specific to e.g. lung cancer or gastrointestinal conditions.

All the best.

Yes that’s what it’s called !!!! Thank u soo much he also said that’s y I get confused and scatter brain... does that make sense??

Im sure everyone on this site can sympathise with the scatter brain part. Good luck x

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