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Could it be a first reoccurrence so soon after front line?

Hi ladies

I finished three rounds of chemo in August for 3c low grade. Did not go for six rounds as became very anxious over the needles. ( go figure!)

For last three weeks have been getting persistent low back pain which will not budge, crazy amounts of gas and the lots of accidents by. It making the loo in time. Basically have no bladder control.

I always thought low grade was slow growing and although I have a site on my lymph node was told by oncologist I looked good. I felt great at camp mak a dream in September and now feeling quite paranoid. Does it come back this quickly and if it does is that really bad?

Only diagnosed in May this year.

Thank you for any help. :(

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Hi Babbey

Sorry to hear you are worried...whatever is causing these symptoms I think you need to get it checked out. That's what I was told going on to 3 month checks....anything unusual or that worried me I should contact my CNS. That doesn't mean it is necessarily the cancer but you and your body have been through a lot- you need some tlc and some answers xx


I think any pain or discomfort which is hanging around needs checking out just in case, can you ring your CNS or make appointment with your gp, hope it is not a lot going on

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Hi Babbey,

I'm late to this (just going through the site, trying to find others with low grade serous ovarian cancer). My oncologist at Princess Margaret told me that he's had some patients that have recurred months after treatment finished.

Like you, I thought I had more time due to the slow growth. This is just a guess, but I think because low grade is chemo resistant, not all cells gets destroyed and they continue to grow. Again, that's just my thoughts.

(I have cancer on my liver now and will find out soon what type, likely low grade serous, but need confirmation which will happen this week. That recurrence happened two years after diagnosis.)

I'm not sure if you're still active on the site, but I thought either you or someone else might benefit from this information.

Take care.


Hi Nancy

I AMA still here! Great to connect with you. I have a shadow on my liver and active lymph nodes. Only did three rounds of chemo. Couldn’t hack it. Want to chat sometime of site?

If you do my email is

Email me and I’ll send over my cell. I’m a better texter and talker!!😜


Just sent you an email. Thanks.


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