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I am currently on 3rd line carbo /caelyx. I just have one more lot to go. Since my fourth chemo I have noticed the odd spot appearing which are itchy sometimes. I actually thought they were insect bites at first . They are just like pimples you would get on face but they don't go I think I have had first one 8 weeks. I have noticed more appearing and just wondered if anyone else had had these.


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  • Hi Wiganw, I completed this chemo for 3rd line back in June, although I didn't have any spots I did find the skin on my legs was very dry and itchy, in fact 2months on I still have to moisture a couple of times a day. Pam

  • Hi Pam, I have been using coconut oil with a few drops of frankincense oil in it. It has kept my skin nice & no dryness. I read both of these oils are ment to be cancer killers. I use them because I am not allergic to them where I am to normal body creams.

    I hope you can keep this dryness at bay take care Cindyxx

  • Thank you I will give it a go Pam xx

  • Hi Wiganw, yes,yes,yes, I got them too I thought they were bites. Very itchy won't go a way even waking me up through the night. I had my 4th carbo & caelyx then they came up with 2 on my foot & one on my leg.

    I see the onc Tuesday to see if I am having any more chemo. I am hoping to have a break so hopefully the spots will go a way.

    I am sorry you are suffering & hope they go a way very soon. The fact we both are suffering with very itchy spots that won't go a way I think it's the treatment. Thanks for posting at least I know what the spots are. Take care Cindyxx

  • Thanks for replying yes I thought it was but was not sure. I got a few after 4th but now after fifth have about 10 more. Especially around knees. I was wondering if I was going to have to fumigate😲 Sharonx

  • Me too. Actually bought some stuff to combat flees as we have two cats and blamed them. Then realised they weren't scratching! Oncologist didn't seem to concerned and just said moisturise. Anyway finished chemo (fifth line) and all settled down now. Funny it's second time I had this cocktail, don't remember it last time. Hope it clears up soon and good luck with results. Jill

  • Hi Wiganw, I only have 3 & thats enough not over 10 you poor thing.😣

    Last night was the first time this month they didn't itch through the night.

    I will mention it to my onc but I have a list as long as my arm at the moment so I will see. If they suggest anything I will let you know. By the time they see me they will need a week off with all the questions I have.

    Good luck on your last chemo & hopefully theses naughty little spots will disappear. Take care Cindyxx

  • Thanks everyone for your replays. It's not too uncomfortable but was more concerned it may have been something biting me. My propolis seems to keep skin moisturised well. Sx

  • I got a rash with my first chemo high dose treatment. It went away with lower dose. I used CeraVe cream. No smell & not oily or sticky. Someone who had recovered from breast cancer gave it to me. I give it to all my friends with cancer now. Works wonders. It's about $20 at Walmart but I only used half a jar thru chemo, surgery, chemo, maintenance.

  • I would get it checked out. I'm not on Caelyx, but they have discussed adding it to Carboplatin as an option for next recurrence (the joys!), so I researched it, and itching or skin problems, rash, spots etc should be reported to the doctor as a less common side effect. I like to go armed with my list of what to expect and there plans for any reactions lol. (chemo phobia)

    LA xx

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