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Post surgery / adenoma ovary

Firstly much respect to all you lovely ladies going through this dreadful disease . I am almost sorry to ask but I feel I'd like to know . I had my second consultation today post surgery for ovary and Fallopian tube removal with a complex cyst . I was so relieved to hear two weeks ago this was benign . Now today at my consultation I've been told it was a adenoma benign tumour apparently this could have become malignant if not caught in time . Now I am thinking as it was adhered to my pelvic wall and mesentary should I be concerned . Have any of you lovely ladies had this in there history . I have some endometriosis bladder and bowel mainly but the adenoma wasn't endometrial . I have requested a copy of my surgical report and pathological report incidentally I only had ultrasound scans . Much love and strength to you all x

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Sorry, I can't offer advice. All the best. Ann x

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How about ringing McMillan? Xx


Thanks that's a thought I will I think appreciate you taking the time to message x


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