Chek2 gene mutation

I had genetic screening done after total hysterectomy, debulking, abdominal wash followed by chemo. Mucinous 1A high grade. I'm doing great and back to normal. The surgeon referred me for genetic screening. All the usual suspects were negative but I tested positive for chek2, a gene mutation of moderate concern. Watch and wait. Has anyone else tested positive for chek2?

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  • Hi

    My surgeon did not even do abdominal washings let alone genetic testing. Do you have more info on the chek2 ? Is it particular to mucinous?


  • mine didn't either when I queried it they said "we knew you had cancer so it wasn't necessary....I guess treatments do change/develop C xx

  • Hi Fay. It has nothing to do with what kind of cancer I had. I'm in the US. by the way. My surgeon (Gyne onc) says he refers anyone with a malignancy for genetic testing. I know very little about the gene but apparently it puts you at moderate risk for many cancers. (Whatever that means) They instructed me to let all my cousins know because there's no way to tell from which side of the family it comes. My oncologist says we just keep an eye on it and do all possible related testing like colonoscopy and mammography.

  • In the UK genetic testing is hard to get. Have to be below 50yo etc etc...

    I cant remember if i had it tested privately as part of 16 genes panel but its good you know about it. I guess question is what to do with it now...

  • I have since been to a breast cancer research center, referred because of the gene mutation. They really don't know much about this CHK2 gene. The doctor said she never had an ovarian cancer patient who was positive for CHK2 who developed breast cancer. The really good news is that when you have had ovarian cancer and consequently hysterectomy and chemo, your chances of getting breast cancer are greatly reduced. A little positive news is great to hear.

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