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Hi All, I got the results of my BRACA test back from Guys yesterday, and I am so relieved to say that I tested negative. I know that testing positive would have opened up other possible treatments for me, but I have two siblings, four children and seven grandchildren, so the consequence could have been enormous

All in all, a lovely letter to get, although I suffered acute anxiety when I saw the Guys letter heading!


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That's great news. Xx

Hi Jenny

Glad you got the result you were hoping for and a relief for your family . Sounds quite a gang!

If you don't mind me asking how long did it take ? I am also at Guys and have asked on my last couple of apps and keep being told that it has been requested but have received no paperwork to confirm I am on a waiting list .

Am anxious to make sure my 20 year old daughter never has to go through what I am . Finished chemo in Jan and now on Avastin every 3 weeks .

Have a great Sunday . Stay well love Kim x

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Hi Kim, from agreeing to have testing to yje actual appointment was about four months. It was then about two months waiting for the results. I am at Maidstone hospital but a team from Guys came down to take the blood following some questions a d counselling.

Hope you hear soon Jenny

Purple-iris in reply to 27-359

Thanks am back for ct scan results on Thursday so will chase up again ! Kim x

Woo hoo 🎉. So thrilled for you what a relief ❤xx Jane

Congratulations on feeling relief regarding BRCA. Sadly, genetic testing has serious limitations. We can only be tested for genes that have been discovered. I had BRCA testing ten years ago after BC and mastectomy. No genetic cause found. Ten years later I have OC, more gene testing and results are still negative. My onc says most cancers are not genetic. The first round of testing I had gave me a false sense of safety. I could have had a TAH ten years ago, but the genetic testing indicated that wasn't necessary. WRONG! Medicine is limited by Science and cancer is a very complicated disease. Like all members of this forum, I am rooting for your good health!

That's good news. Although PARP inhibitors are usually for BRCA positive there is plenty of research to support their use in negative patients. With a good few hospitals offering them

LA xx

I have tested negative, but have had triple negative breast cancer in 2011 and high grade serous OC in Oct 2016. My genetic counsellor was as surprised as me by the negative result due to my history.

However I had a variant on BRAC 1 that is not understood yet. Could this PARP inhibitor be useful for me?


Nikki x

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Snap TNBC then OC but not BRCA and no variant there either though there are a few others....x

That is good news - exactly how I felt, I would have hated to have felt I might have passed a faulty gene on to my children.

Janine x

Good news, it is on my to do list, as family on my mothers side have had OC which I didnt realise and two cousins have been diagnosed weth breast cancer

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