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Hi although I've been a member of Ovacome for over 20 years this is my first posting. As you will see from my bio I was diagnosed in July 2017 with a reoccurrence of low grade serous OC after 20 years! I started taxol carbo and Avastan Friday 4/8 I don't feel too bad a bit sick and achey I'm so I'm interested to know when the side effects really start to kick in... or maybe I don't want to know😉

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  • Hi. You have done so well to have such a long remission and so sorry you now have a recurrence. Chemo is cumulative so the side effects do get stronger as you go through the course. Be kind to yourself, rest when you need to, the sickness/nausea can be managed with the right meds. Its all doable though and hopefully will give you another long remission :) xx Kathy xx

  • Thanks Kathy Just after I posted a started to feel achey and a bit sick.. I was given anti sickness meds for the first three days which end tomorrow so I'm wondering what happens after that...😊xx

  • If you run out and need more contact your gp to get some more. The first week after chemo is the worst, second better and you should feel nuch better in the third xx. Ginger is good for antisickness xx

  • Seems like ginger is the most suggested help for sickness in what form do you have it ? I've only got ginger powder ...

  • Ginger biscuits are a good and easy way to take it, I found that nibbling them really helped. I found a really nice recipe for ginger cake but that really didn't help with my weight but it was yummy and helped a little with the nausea. You could also have chocolate coated ginger but that's a bit of an indulgence but sooooo nice 😋😋. You could have ginger root in smoothies too but it can be a little overpowering so less is more. The anti nausea drugs really do work though. Hope you keep as well as possible ❤️Xx Jane

  • Great I'll look into getting some ginger biscuits ASAP 😊

  • I nibbled on ginger biscuits but found cyclizine sorted my nausea x

  • Ginger tea made with grated fresh organic ginger and hot water really helped my nausea throughout. So did acupuncture. Good luck, hope treatment goes really well for you x

  • To think your cancer stayed dormant for twenty years! And then popped back up again. If only the medics knew why or how; they will one day.

    I've not had Avastin nor am I low grade but I have had carbo taxol. I only occasionally felt nauseous after four or so days but nothing chewing crystallised ginger couldn't sort out but it may be you need different anti-sickness medication. Do mention to your nurse if it continues. Try and keep a short diary this first cycle as I found that what happened from Day 5, diarrhoea for example, always happened on Day 5 of the following cycles. It helps when planning activities, etc. Doubtless you've read of all the possible side-effects but I don't think anyone gets them all. Sort out your wig or hats now rather than wait until you might feel too unwell to even think about trying them on.

    All the best and here's hoping you have another twenty-year remission!

  • Thank you that's good advice! Already on the wigs hats and scarves situation intact I think I now have too many lol x

  • 20 years!! does this b****** ever leave us. wishing you all the best with your treatment xx

  • Thanks don't think I can answer that question now as I really thought I'd seen the back of it x x x

  • 20 years wow! What the hell though that it has returned at all...! Try Holland and Barratts Gin Gins (green box) for sickness. Worked for me but you just need to nibble at them as pretty strong. A couple of flavours but the pure ginger ones are the best. Good luck and all the best with treatment. x

  • Thank you! I know 20 years right really wasn't expecting that..

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