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I'd just like to thank everyone for their advice on the diet subject. It's all been very useful and I like hearing other peoples ideas about diet and health.

As I've said it's purely for aiming for a healthy life style and I'm going to try being a veggie for a week and see if even in that short time it makes any difference at all.

Thanks again for your help ladies,

Best wishes, Zena x

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One further thing to consider is the concept of dairy. I think it is a case of genetic succeptability but it seems a purely veggie diet that still contains loads of dairy could be counter productive. There's lots written about the effects of dairy on cancer so that could explain how vegetarians still get the disease. I don't advocate removing whole food groups from the diet. I mean - life without cheese?! However I'm trying to be vegan at least twice a week. Every little counts eh? Just something for you to consider in your diet overhaul.



Yoshbosh in reply to Emsymits

I'm doing the same as you Em. I eat vegan a couple of days a week. I have dramatically reduced dairy, but haven't cut it out completely.

ZenaJ in reply to Yoshbosh

Sounds like we're all in the same mind set here. We're all trying to cut down. Can only be a good thing. xx

ZenaJ in reply to Emsymits

I couldn't live without cheese but I don't have milk now. I've used soya milk for ages. I do eat yogurt and use in on oats and grains for breakfast.

When I was a child all I drank was milk and I had terrible catarrh. I don't get that at all now.

Best wishes, Zena x

My slant on this is everything in moderation. There are no scientific proven papers that a particular food will lessen your chances of a recurrence. A lot depends on our DNA and blood proteins

ZenaJ in reply to suzuki

I actually think you're completely right Suzuki. I think it just makes us feel better to think we're trying and it's good to do something different.

Best wishes, Zena

Hi Zena, I admire your drive to eat healthily, we all need to eat well. I do think though that you need to give it longer than a week to see if it is the way forward for you our bodies take time to adjust to new regimes so you need to give it a much longer trial and we really don't need to confuse our digestive system any more than it already is following chemo 😊

I, personally, can't embrace the vegan way of life but do think vegetarianism has quite a lot of merits but I just can't imagine life without my fish and chicken and cheese and an occasional good steak.

As you know, I believe in a really well balanced diet, no faddy foods, no faddy diets and most things in moderation, I always have done. The biggest thing to have in mind in to have really health food from a good source and to be hydrated at all times.

Take care and eat well, it's the fuel for our healthy bodies, we are what we eat ❤️Xx Jane

Hi Jane, I was posting yesterday saying I doubted a week would be enough but I'm taking it in small steps. A week is easily manageable and when I get there I can extend to another week. That way it doesn't seem impossible.

There's no way I can become vegan unless I'm forced to as there are too many things I can't live without. Like you, cheese, cake. No it's impossible.

I already drink at least four pints of water a day. Not drinking tea or coffee I'm restricted a bit as I don't want to keep drinking carbonated drinks (except in my rum) and I don't like squashes or fruit juices. There's not much else left. In fact, I can't think of anything. Water can be a bit boring so occasionally I squeeze some fresh lemon in but then I worry that the acid might damage my teeth. I have the occasional hot chocolate but you can't drink five or six a day.

What happened to that person who didn't worry about anything much? Gone clean out the window.

Sounds like your diet is good. I think moderation and many different coloured foods are good.

All the best, Zena x

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