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tight stomach

Hello all.

My partner has just had chemo for lung cancer she's back home, she's doing ok but complains about a tight stomach, there is no pain or vomiting ect.

she sleeps and eats ok, she also says it's not like a cramp or anything but the complaint makes it hard for her to move about.

this is turning out to be a "complete mystery" (she turned 70 in june)


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Hi Paul This forum is for ladies with Ovarian Cancer. If you look on communities you can browse and hopefully be able to post on a forum where someone will be able to respond to your query. I wish you and your wife all the very best. Kathy xx


Hello Paul

I have replied to your other thread with some details of forums which may be useful sources of support for you and your partner. I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes


Support Service Manager

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